Little and Large

I finally finished off these pyjamas today for the boys, the bottoms have been waiting over a week to be done and I just hadn’t got around to it for some reason.

The fabric is PRR sheep and the bottoms for Jim are some white interlock that I had in the stash. I dyed them with emerald cold water dylon in the washing machine and because I did so much fabric in one go it came out a nice minty green. For the first time ever though the pictures on the fabric also got dyed (the fabric is made with the pattern printed on so only the background should change colour, very clever stuff). I don’t know if this is because the fabric is quite an old design (it was from before I started buying PRR which was 5 years ago) and maybe the printing has started to break down a bit with age or something. Anyway, here’s a closer picture of the print, sorry for not ironing them nice and neatly but as they’re going to wear them in bed I figured it wasn’t worth it!

The patterns are Kwik Sew Sewing for Children and Sewing for Toddlers, Piggle is a T1 and Jim is a Small in the respective books. The only changes I made were to not take quite as much off to allow for the ribbing on the bottom of the tops and the cuffs of the trousers, Jim always grows out the bottoms before the tops and I figure the cuffs will stop them going over his feet until he grows into them properly.

Besides these I’ve not done any sewing in a while but as I said I’m hoping to change that now that Jim is back at school all day and Piggle is still napping. I started to cut out some pieces for a quilt I’m going to make myself, I’m not sure if I will actually have enough fabric as the pattern calls for 11 half yards and I got 22 fat quarters which aren’t yielding as many pieces as I thought they would but I’ll see when I’ve got it all done. I need 198 pieces and so far I’ve cut 60 so a way to go yet.

I am also going to start my Christmas sewing soon as I am very strapped for cash now and won’t be able to afford presents. I have a bag planned for my sister and another small project and I’m trying to figure out what I can make other people out of my stashes. I’m also going to knit my brother in law some hats with the leftover Cascade 220 from my Dad’s Cobblestone, I sent him a link to some patterns and am waiting to see which ones he likes so I can get started on that.

Besides trying to get back into sewing and having a pretty major financial crisis on my hands things are going quite well, lol.

I’m really getting back into my cooking and food blogging and am back trying to loose an awful lot of weight over the next year, slowly but surely rather than all out dieting or else I won’t re-educate myself on how to eat properly and will just put it back on again as I’ve done over and over. I’m basically trying to loose the weight I gained with Jim, the weight I gained on top of that with Piggle and then the weight I gained on top of all of that after the separation, so quite a long haul for me but I know it will be worth it in the end and so far it’s not been too bad.

Knitting wise I’m doing another ‘finish everything off’ period to try and clear the decks for some new projects. I have the foot of a plain sock left to knit and I’ve finished the back and started the front of my Green Tea Raglan which has been on hold forever. I’m also working on a shawl, I’ve almost finished the main piece which is pretty simple (although there are an awful lot of stitches now) and then I have the border to knit which is quite a bit more complicated.

So, hopefully I will have something else to show you soon!


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