I’ve Got Nothing

The boys were with their Dad this weekend so I was hoping for a productive time, to clean the house up a bit after the summer holidays and to get some sewing in, but I have come down with Piggle’s cold (no way to really avoid getting a cold from a baby, especially when they sleep on your bed for two nights because they can’t settle) and feel quite rough and flakey. I went out with my Dad yesterday morning and he bought me lunch and then I came home and had a nap and just watched the last 4 episodes of the last series of Lost in the evening whilst doing a little bit of knitting.

Today I did manage to cut out a blouse but when it came to starting the sewing I just couldn’t face it so I will leave it and hope I feel better tomorrow morning and can work on it then. This afternoon once the washing is finished I’m going to settle down and watch a film and work on the Green Tea Raglan and then go and pick up the boys.

I’ve been looking at my stats again for the blog and there seem to be quite a lot of people reading which is really nice to see. Can you give me a shout out in the comments so I can see your blogs and well and know who’s out there please? It’s always nice to know what everyone is up to and where they’re from so I’d love to be able to catch up with your blogs and get you in my Google Reader. Thanks!


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