Chugging Along

I finally did some sewing this morning, I’m working on a really simple blouse (it’s Simplicity I think) that I’ve had the fabric and the pattern out for a few months to make and just never got around to it. It’s going together really easily, I just have to put the neckband on and then hem it and it’s done but I felt like a break so I will leave it until tomorrow.

I’m almost done with the Green Tea Raglan, just a few more decreases on the raglan left to go and it’s all done and dusted and just needs seaming. I’m looking forward to seeing it put together to see if it’s as nice as I think it will be. It’s such a simple sweater and I’ve picked a plain colour for it but I’m hoping it will be understated but lovely (don’t ask for much!).

I’m also working on the Greenwood sock, I will get there in the end with these, I’m not much of a fan of the yarn so I’m glad this is the last lot in my stash. I find it very sticky, splitty and difficult to knit with and I’ve not been that impressed with the colourways I bought.

Of course, I tried and tried to resist but couldn’t stop myself from casting on for another pair of socks. The idea was to *finish* stuff rather than start new stuff and I have 3 pairs of sock on the go already but sometimes for me knitting is colour therapy and I just couldn’t resist the California Dreamin‘ Clog Socks (click on the name under the photo for the pdf) pattern in Panda Cotton Red Cinnamon. I’ve not knit that much yet but I’m enjoying it and I hope that the yarn will work out with the pattern. The Panda Cotton has pretty short yardage so I will be checking how long I made the cuff on my other PC socks so I don’t run out on the foot. I will get the other socks done too, I guess my brain just needed something pretty and new!

So, hopefully next time I will have something finished to show you either sewn or knit. I’ve just not felt all that productive recently and having a cold hasn’t helped matters as it’s made me very tired and out of it. Anyway, as I’m sure I said I’m determined to get all these old projects finished before the end of the year and to get sewing again as I have stacks of stuff all over the place once more that I want to make (including the quilt for which I’ve cut out all the bits now).

Sorry it’s quite dull around here at the moment, I think it’s the transition from summer holidays to school. It seems very quiet here all day without Jim around the place, nice and quiet, but odd.


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