Simplicity 4045 FO

I’ve had this shirt on my to do pile for ages now, I got it out when I wanted to make myself something simple to get me sewing again, and then I found other things that I wanted to make more so it got pushed aside for a while.

(please excuse the darkness of the photos, it’s horrible weather today and the flash just made it look awful, the true colour is a bit brighter than shown. The sleeves are raglan, I just poofed them out to show the shape.)

This is one of those patterns that the envelope does no favours, had they made this up in a couple of cute prints instead of a cream dress and a horrible paisley jacket I think they could have sold a whole lot more of them. I originally didn’t put it on my list of patterns to buy (doesn’t everyone have a spreadsheet of patterns they want?!?) but then I saw one that a blogger had made and added it and I’m glad I did.

It’s a pretty simple pattern, although the facing on the neckband was a little fiddly to get looking right, but it has this cute pleat detail on the sleeves that the pattern doesn’t show you a picture of at all.

A funny thing about this pattern too, once it’s made up it’s horrible to try and iron. The fabric ironed really well when I did it flat but once I’d joined it up with the other pieces and ironed one bit it resulted in another bit becomming creased, I’ll have to figure out the best way to do it so I don’t look like a complete mess when I wear it.

The fabric once again is Anna Marie Horner, I got this from the sale pages at Fabric Shack a good while back now and had been looking for something simple to do with it. I bought 2 yards and this pattern used about a yard and a half (pattern says 1 and 5/8 required) so the scraps have gone into my quilting basket for future use (I’m thinking a quilt made up of only polka dot fabrics, I seem to have a thing for dots…). I added an inch and a half in length as when I did my technical ‘hold it up against me to see how long it will be’ test it seemed a little short.

There is a whole lot of ease in this pattern, I made the 18 which is for a 40″ bust (short interjection, Jim has just come downstairs after getting changed from school wearing green jogging bottoms, put on backwards, that I made him, a dark blue proper shirt I made him and a bright yellow jumper that my Mother made him, he’s been sent back up to try again!). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, it’s for a 40″ bust and the finished garment has a 46 1/2″ bust so if you’re planning on making this check your sizes and figure how much ease you want before making your usual size.

This made up in about 3 hours and I was taking my time with it. It’s cut out diagonally so that it has a nice drape even with cotton which I think is a nice touch but obviously wouldn’t work with a fabric that had a directional pattern on it.

I think I will get a lot of wear from this shirt and I will probably make at least one more of them next summer, trust me to finish off a summer blouse just as the weather takes a turn for the worse (although summer was a bit of a wash-out too!).

(Jim has found the t-shirt that matches the jogging bottoms and has turned the trousers the right way around, the yellow jumper has come downstairs though as it’s a bit nippy today!)

As for the knitting, I finished off the the Green Tea Raglan last night so now I just need to sew it up, hopefully I can motivate myself to do that over the next few days. Sewing by hand really hurts my hand so it takes me a while to seam things. I’ve done another repeat on the California Dreamin‘ socks, they look good I think. I also discovered that I skipped a needle when I was knitting the Greenwood socks so I will have to cut the resulting length of yarn on the inside and sew in the ends when I do the finishing, I’ve never done that before so I guess I *really* wasn’t paying attention when I was working on them! They are my next project to work on until they’re done and then I will move on to either a shawl that’s nearing completion or the cardigan that I’m on the yoke of (it’s knit on largish needles which also hurt my hands I’ve discovered which is why it’s taken so long to make).

Anyway, some progress finally and it feels good, hopefully it will spur me on to getting more done. I’ve already cut out another pair of Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddler pjs for Piggle that won’t take long to sew up, but I don’t normally get much sewing time over the weekends when I have the boys so they probably won’t get done until Monday.


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