Coughs, Bears and Socks

Piggle’s cold has made a turn for the worse again which meant that last night was pretty awful for me (and him too I’d assume). When he did settle down for a while on my bed I spent 2 hours drifting in and out of sleep coughing my guts up. Then at 5.30 this morning he obviously felt really unwell as he woke up and started to scream, right in my ear…. By the time I settled him and got back to sleep I only had an hours rest before the alarm went off and it was time to start again…

I wouldn’t have minded but the night before wasn’t much better. We got in late as we’d been to the Harrogate Flower Show with my parents and sister, eaten at her house and then arrived home at about 10.30pm. There was no sign of Lorenzo so I kept going out calling and finally got him in at about 11.30. Luna then had a fight *through* the cat flap (her speciality it seems) at about 1.30am which I sorted out and then at 3.30am the cat she’d been fighting (I assumed) was sitting outside my back door yowling…. I chased it off and when I got back upstairs Lorenzo wasn’t on my bed, so of course I panicked and thought perhaps it was him yelling and he was hurt and I’d chased him away etc etc etc. So, outside I go again calling him and wandering around in my pyjamas. When I came in to go to the toilet intending to go back out again, there he was asleep on the bed again, so he’d obviously just been hiding when the other cat was around, brave thing that he is….

Anyway, I’ve had a pretty productive morning despite still coughing all the time while Piggle’s been trying to sleep the cold off and made up the super easy teddy pyjamas for him from some cotton interlock I got at Abakhan and have had in my stash forever.

Again these are Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers size T1. They literally take just over an hour to make up and the fabric is really soft so they should be nice and cuddly to sleep in. I have 2 more pairs of pjs that I want to make him and I also need to do a few more pairs for Jim as he is too tall for a lot of his now. I’m not going to trace the next size though as they still fit him really well, instead I’m just going to add a couple of inches to the length of the legs and shirt and an inch and a half to the sleeve length and use the pattern I’ve already got traced.

I like to have my next project lined up and ready to go before I leave the sewing room and looking at my list I saw an Onion blouse that has followed me from the old house and is still waiting to be sewn. I pulled it out and read through the instructions thinking there must have been something that put me off making it, but it seems pretty straightforward. I then wondered if I could be bothered to pin it out but when I unfolded the fabric I discovered that I’d already pinned out the pattern and it just needed cutting. After a quick iron on the wrong side to get the creases out of the fabric and pattern I cut it out and will get to work on it next time I get in there.

I think what was putting me off is that the fabric is really thin, probably the thinnest I’ve ever attempted to work with and as I normally overlock the edges of my pieces I hadn’t figured out what to do with this as the overlocking would show through it (I can never be arsed to change the thread so I overlock everything in white, lazy I know…). Anyway, I realised that I can just zig zag the seam allowances (just like the pattern tells me to do, duh…) and it will be fine, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it makes up now I’ve gotten past my actually non-existent stumbling blocks….

I then came downstairs and grafted the toe on the Greenwood Fibre socks that I finished off last night whilst watching North by Northwest (well, the second half anyway, I’d watched the first half a few days ago) and drooling over the house shown near the end of the film. As I mentioned these are a Christmas gift for my sister who called them ‘the most perfect socks ever’ when she tried on the finished one. I’m not that fussed with them and only cast them on to get the yarn out of my stash and give me some simple round and round knitting (which is actually isn’t as this yarn is a pain in the ass to knit with).

No pattern for these, just plain basic 72 stitches on 2.25mm needles and a heel flap. So now I’m going to cast on the second Fools Rush sock and get that going as I seem to remember it was pretty fast going after the lace cuff. The Scales Skin Socks are lovely to look at but quite irritating to knit so they’ll be a long term project! The California Dreamin‘ socks on the other hand seem to fly off the needles and I just need to do the rest of the pattern repeat I’m on and then I can start the heel of the first sock, I love the way those are looking.

Digging around I also found a sweater that husband had knit the back of for Jim before giving up knitting. I have knit one and half sleeves and figured I’d best get this one off the needles next or Jim will be too big for it (if he isn’t already, I will check when he gets in from school). Of course it’s never as simple as just ‘get it out and work on it’. For some reason I had put the pattern away and had to track that down, there was only 1 needle in the bag so I had to find another one and the end of the needle I did have fell off so I had to superglue that back on. Perhaps next time I get it out I can actually knit it (after I figure out where the hell I am on the sleeve that is…).

So, that’s it from here for now except to let you all know that it’s impossible to check if you’ve fixed your brake lights when you’re on your own. In the end I had to get Jim out of the house in his pyjamas (he decided that yesterday was a not getting dressed day) and have him stomp on the brake peddle to see if they worked and trust that he wouldn’t take off the hand brake and run me down. He managed to stomp and not touch anything else but I hadn’t fixed the lights. For some reason the handbook for my car lists a fuse for every single other light that the car has (and that my model doesn’t have) but no fuse for the brake lights so I’m going to have to take it to the garage and pay to have it fixed which is irritating and an expense I could do without… I wanted to take it today but Piggle is too ill to sit there and wait for it to be fixed, I’m hoping he’s better tomorrow so we can get that done and then go and do the food shopping as we’re running short of a few things.

Please send any ‘stop coughing’ vibes this way for the both of us!


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