Gauge Gauge Gauge

I picked up Jim’s sweater that his Dad started knitting a *very* long time ago, checked that the size would still fit him and then started working where I left off on the second sleeve.

First of all I knit the wrong size so had to rip back a bit and start my decreases earlier, after that finishing the sleeve was easy, checked that off and went to work unravelling the raglan of the other sleeve as I’d noticed when comparing them for size that the decreases had been done incorrectly.

So there I am blaming that little mess up on myself thinking I’d knit the first sleeve and done a bad job when after knitting for a little while whilst watching the season finale of Weeds I look down and notice this.

The gauge is completely different… So I check both needles to make sure they’re the right size and the same size, check the other sleeve to see what the gauge is like on that and then come to the sudden realisation that I actually didn’t knit the first sleeve and that when it was knit Jim’s Dad was using some seriously tight knitting… I mean, I tried to knit that tight thinking I was slacking because I wasn’t paying attention whilst watching the screen, but there is no way I can knit that tight, I’d have to go down to a smaller needle and probably a whole 1mm to get anywhere near that tight. Add to that the fact that for some reason I had knit about half an inch more of ribbing for the cuff than he had and it had to go.

So, this morning I ripped out the whole sleeve and will start again but I’ve also realised that I will probably have to rip out the back and re-knit that as if our gauges are this different there is no way my sleeve raglans are going to fit the raglans on the back…. It’s not a hard sweater, I’ve made him one of these before in the next size down, and it knits up fast on easy to work with yarn, but it’s a liiiiitttle more work than I’d anticipated.

And no, before you ask, I’ve not sewn the Green Tea Raglan together yet, I’ll get there, my goal is by the end of the month so look for it on the 30th after I’ve stayed up late to get it done!

I have no Onion blouse to show you either although I have been working on it. I had a few problems getting the front to match up properly but got there in the end and then I ran out of thread so I am going to look through my Mother’s thread collection tomorrow and see if she has anything I can steal (I mean borrow obviously) and if not I will have to wait until Tuesday when I go anywhere near a shop that sells thread. I also noted with disappointment this morning that somehow I have managed to sew the pleats on the front going the wrong direction on one side. I have no idea how I did that but it now means that I have to unpick not only the seam but also the zig zagging on the seam allowance and the top stitching to re-do them the right way around. I am less than happy at that idea as the fabric is seriously fragile but it will annoy the hell out of me and look stupid if it stays the way it is. I only have about an hours work on it once I’ve made that alteration though so it will be done soon. In the meantime I’ve traced and cut out a simple velour sweatshirt for Piggle that I will get sewing on tomorrow.

So, that’s where I’m up to, getting there but screwing it up along the way, it’s been one of those weeks.


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