Onion Blouse

I finally managed to finish off this blouse yesterday. I’m sorry the picture is difficult to make out, if you click on it you will get taken to a bigger version of it which is much clearer and you can see the design details rather than it looking like a big brown sack. Also, it’s too big for my dressform which is why it’s hanging like that (but it’s not too big for me) and Piggle wanted lunch so I didn’t have time to dial it up to a bigger size.

The pattern is Onion 5026 and the fabric was from Abakhan quite some time ago. As I’ve said before it was a really thin fabric, the thinnest I’ve ever worked with, but it has great drape (I think it’s a cotton synthetic mix) and I love the colour and pattern on it and I’m glad it’s worked so well for this pattern.

Before I could make progress on it yesterday I had to unpick all the top stitching to the top of the middle band, unpick the zig zag stitching on the seam allowances for the pleats and then unpick the seam stitching for the pleats on the right front. I then ironed them flat, re-pleated them going the right way, sewed the seam, sewed the zig zags and then re-did the topstitching and I actually did a much better job with the topstitching this time so it was worth all the time it took to unpick.

After that it was pretty plain sailing putting the bottom panels on (six pleats on each panel), the side seams and then the hemming. I decided for the hems to turn up the 2cm allowance and then fold it in half and sew a small hem as those are the bits that will flip up and people will see them and the zig zagging wasn’t nice enough for anyone to see. I had added enough to the sleeve hems to do the same thing (I have no idea why I added that much but I was glad I did!) and although they gave me a little trouble under the arms I think it looks good and it’s definitely neater than it would have been the way the pattern said.

If I’d been a brave sewer I would have done french seams on this but from the number of times I had to unpick things and the stupid mistakes I made along the way I’m actually glad that I didn’t try that for the first time on such a flimsy bit of fabric.

This is a close-up of the front of the blouse so you can see the panels and the pleats, I think they really add something to the shaping of the blouse and it’s general style.

I’ll be using this pattern again in the future I’m sure as I really like the style of it. Unfortunately it’s already too cold her to wear this blouse this year so away it went into the cupboard to await next summer, but I’m happy that I finally got it done after having had it sit about waiting to be sewn for so long.

This morning my patterns arrived from Moms Patterns and I traced off the boys Kwik Sew pyjama pattern that I got and cut out a pair for Jim. I have been looking for a Kwik Sew pattern the next size up from the one I’ve used over and over again ever since Jim grew out of it last year and this was the first time I’d seen one so I snapped it up. It’s got 2 versions on it and I’m going to do a pair of each for this winter, so those will probably be my next projects as they are easy to get out of the way (I’ve got one more pair I want to make for Piggle too).

My list of things that I have stacked up waiting is growing shorter day by day and I’m really pleased with that, some of it has been around for ages and it’s nice to clear the decks and see it finished. I’ve even managed not to get anything new out to make which is amazing for me, we will see if my willpower continues or not!

Forgot to say that if you use Onion patterns we’d love to see the finished items at the Sew Onion group on Flickr!

The knitting is coming along, I finished the first California Dreamin‘ sock and will graft the toe tonight. I’ve also finished the second sleeve of Jim’s sweater (he asks me almost every day if it’s done yet!) and am now re-knitting the back as I was right and the raglans of the sleeves I knit and the back his Dad knit didn’t fit together. I’m being lazy and knitting right from the old back without unravelling it first and I’m about 4 inches into the back already so hopefully this project will carry on knitting up fast.

I haven’t touched anything else though, the clock is ticking on the Green Tea Raglan, everyday I say I’ll take it out and sew some of it and then I never get to it, perhaps this weekend I will manage while the boys are playing.


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