I did the raglan seams of the Green Tea Raglan yesterday afternoon, held it up to have a look at it and realised that I have done the casting off far too tightly (the cast off edges form the neckline of the sweater, there’s no other finish around the neckline). I can get it over my head, but if I actually want to be able to breathe whilst wearing the sweater I will have to re-do the casting off on much larger needles.

So today I’ve unpicked the top of each of the raglan seams which took longer than I’d anticipated (apparently when I finish a garment I really *finish* it and hide the ends really well!) and now I will have to figure out what size needle to use to make it drapey enough.

I knit it on 5mm needles so I’m thinking maybe 8mm? Anyone got any idea how much larger is too large (that could be construed wrongly!) or if 8mm might still be too small to get a loose enough neckline?

This yarn is really slippy so I’m not looking forward to the unravelling, and I’ll also have to start a new piece of yarn for each cast off as the bit I unravel obviously won’t be long enough when I’m using the larger needles… Yet more ends to sew in, I just hope it looks ok and works as I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going together.

Oh well, at least I got a pair of pyjama bottoms made this morning, might not get to the top until Monday but it’s a start!


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