Green Tea Raglan FO

Ok, so I know you weren’t expecting to see this until the start of October, or even excuses as to why it wasn’t completed going by my previous record, but I got to work on it yesterday and finished the thing off and I feel all virtuous and good for having done so rather than leaving it lying around in pieces for an age!

The pattern is from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 and I used South West Trading Oasis in Natural. It took 4.25 balls and I used 4.5 and 5mm needles. I started this way back in February and knit the sleeves very quickly. Then came the seed stitch front and back and I put it down and didn’t pick it back up again until a couple of months ago. The yarn is lovely to work with and has great drape, I hope to use it again when I can afford to buy more, I got this on sale from Get Knitted.

After my last post on this sweater where the neckline was too tight I had a look on Ravelry and read what other people had said about it. There was on review where the knitter said that the neckline was too high and I realised that it wasn’t just a case of my cast off being too tight but that it was indeed just too high for me. So I ripped back 5 rows on each piece, reknit the finishing row and then cast off using an 8mm needle and it came out really well. I thought it would be a real pain in the ass to do as the yarn is quite slippery but it went really quickly and I managed to make myself sit still and do all four pieces in one go! Then I re-did the tops of the raglan seams and finished off the side seaming quite quickly.

I’m really happy with the way this came out, it’s such a simple sweater but I think it will be really comfortable to wear and it can be dressed up or dressed down which is always good. I do like a good three quarter length sleeve too, it’s a great thing for someone with small kids who is always washing their hands and for someone who likes to cook and is forever dipping their sleeves in stuff!

Next up is Jim’s sweater which now has 2 sleeves and a back. I’ve started the ribbing on the front and hopefully that should get done quite quickly and then it’s onto some seaming and the hood. I also cast on for the second Fools Rush sock and want to get onto the lace ribbing section of that today as it requires concentration but once you’re past it the socks knit pretty quickly.

I’m still feeling motivated to finish off my UFO’s by the end of the year and although I’ve thought about what I’d like to cast on when they’re done I’ve managed not to get as far as looking for yarn and needles which is a bloody miracle for me!


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