Kwiksew Weekend

I decided to finally get the winter pyjamas out of the way so I’m free of having to make anymore until warmer weather rolls around. I do wonder what I was thinking promising myself that I would make all of the boy’s pyjamas because depending on growth spurts I could end up making 12 pairs a year, but for now I will soldier on with them as I love seeing them wearing them and Jim really seems to appreciate them.

I made these for Jim on Friday, they’re Kwiksew 1556 again in size 5.

I can’t remember where I got this flannel from, I’m thinking it was from someone’s stash sale on a sewing group I’m a member of as I’d never buy 4 yards of any children’s flannel, I always only get one or two. As Jim loves having matching pyjamas with his baby brother I whipped these up on Saturday for Piggle.

They are Kwiksew 3126 in size T1. I still have about a yard of this flannel left so one of them will be getting a pair of pyjama bottoms from it at some point with a bought t-shirt I’m sure!

A week or so ago another lady had a stash clearance on the group I mentioned and I picked up a load of fabric from her for a very reasonable price. Included in my bundle were some scraps from things she made her kids and when I looked at them I realised that there was only enough to make Piggle t-shirts in the size he is now so I cut some out and sewed them this weekend.

They are all Kwiksew Sewing for Toddlers size T1, this one has cowboys and cows on it, the ribbing is all from my stash.

This is PRR Safari which came dyed this colour. I wasn’t sure about the ribbing but I didn’t have much that would go with it and now that it’s on I am quite happy with the way it turned out.

This is PRR dinosaur sweatshirt fleece. I cut out a sweatshirt for Jim from it (which I will tell you about in a moment) and saw that there were still plenty of scraps leftover. In order to get the sweatshirt cut for Piggle I had to cut the front in 2 pieces and sew it together and one of the sleeves is cut on the bias which if you look closely you can tell from the way the dinosaurs face. However, once I’d cut all the other pieces and just needed one more sleeve I wasn’t going to let a bit of pattern direction stop me from getting a garment out of it and I don’t think people looking at it will notice (at least I hope they don’t!).

This is the sweatshirt I made for Jim from the same fabric. The ribbing on these is a medium green which the photos don’t show too well as the light is horrible this time of year. This isn’t actually a Kwiksew pattern, it’s Ottobre 3/04 #23.

What’s funny about this is that the front is supposed to be in 2 pieces like Piggle’s is, but in my cutting out frenzy I totally forgot and cut it on the fold! It looks nice this way too though and he seemed to like it when I showed it to him. I used the 98cm pattern that I’d already traced but added 2cms to the sleeves and hem to give him a bit more wear from it (he’s between 98 and 104 at the moment). I did all the hems for the sleeves and bottoms of these t-shirts and sweatshirts 2cms rather than an inch to give them both more length. Piggle isn’t ready for T2’s yet but the T1’s aren’t going to give him much wear without whatever length I can add to them.

So, that was a wodge of stuff off my list of sewing and now that those are out of the way I can get on with my Christmas presents (which includes totally re-sizing a bag pattern for my sister, I hope my math is up to it!) and also some trousers for Jim which are up next. I made the matching t-shirt for those in the summer and it’s short sleeved but just never got around to doing the trousers so it’s about time I sewed them. It’s an Ottobre pattern with a ton of pieces so it will take a bit of work, hopefully it will be worth it though.

On the knitting front I finished the front of Jim’s sweater, I just need to pick up and knit the front facings and then sew the raglans and pick up for the hood. I haven’t cast off the sleeves or the back as you pick up as many stitches as you cast off which seemed silly to me. I’m hoping it will fit him, it looked ok when I held the back up to him but he’s growing fast at the moment so I’d better get a move on with it. I also cast on for the first of the hats I’m making for my Brother In Law for Christmas, I have 2 more rows to go and then I start decreasing so it was a fast pattern and pretty easy, I think I’ll do a ribbed one next and then consider my options from there, I fancy making Jim a hat to match one of the BIL’s as he likes to have things like other people.

Hopefully I will have more FO’s to show you soon!


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