Pictures As Promised

I’m feeling much better this week, there is nothing I can do now to change the situation and I know I did absolutely everything I could have to prevent the split so now it’s time to move on with my life and be happy with what I have, which is a home I really like living in, two little boys who make me laugh an awful lot and exciting things to look forward to in the future. Of course I’m going to hurt from time to time, I really did believe that I would be married to the ex until I died and the fact that it didn’t work how I thought it would does make me sad. Grieving takes time and I don’t intend to rush myself or I will never get over it properly, I just wish that some periods weren’t as hard as they have been, but considering a lot of the relationship, especially towards the end, was so hard I really shouldn’t expect the aftermath to be much different really!

So, this is the simple knitting that has been keeping my hands busy while I try and distract myself with tv. I used the same pattern 3 times but did make changes to it after reading Ravelry and realising myself that as written it was never going to fit my Brother In Law!

The pattern is the London Beanie and for the first one I used some of the leftover Cascade 220 Heathers from my Dad’s Cobblestone Pullover. I cast on 90 stitches and increased to 102. I then followed the pattern (without the stripes obviously) until the decreases where I not only added a row of knitting between each decrease row but I also added a further 2 or 3 decrease rows before finishing it off. It fits me fine and as the BIL has a slightly larger head than mine I’m happy that it will fit him too.

This is the second one using the pattern exactly the same way as the first but adding the stripes (in case you’ve gone blind in the last few seconds). I used some of the Hemp/Wool that I’ve had for ages (if you remember that far back I was assured I was ordering hemp/cotton so I got 3 bags of the stuff from a co-op and when it arrived it wasn’t the cotton at all but it was too late to do anything about it). I’m not so happy with the ribbing on this hat and this yarn can feel pretty rough. I think I’ll advise my BIL to soak it in some fabric softener before wearing it (or I may ask my Mother to do it for me as I don’t own any), but I am happy with the colour combination.

Does Blogger flip anyone else’s photos like this? Anyway, this third had I used the pattern numbers and cast on 72 stitches. When it came to decreasing I knit between the decrease rows and also added an extra decrease row as I thought there were still too many stitches. This is made from acrylic and is for a charity Christmas shoebox my Mother is doing for a boy 5-8 in a poor country (presumably one that gets cold…). I tried it on Jim and it will fit that age range so this pattern definitely is sized strangely…

I want to do a couple more hats still, they’re so easy to knit and I have yarn to use up and more patterns I want to try. I also have plans for some more of that hemp/wool for a sweater for Jim once I’ve cleared through the WIP’s and the Christmas stuff.

So, this is the back of Jim’s Halloween costume for the party they had at his school.

I have no idea why he decided he wanted to be a house but I do my best to give him what he wants if I can. I originally thought of using a cardboard box and then realised that he wouldn’t be able to sit down and storing it at home afterwards would be a real pain. So I found some white sheeting and bought some Dylon fabric pens and made the above. The front is similar except the door is in the middle and there are 4 windows, plus a pot of flowers by the front door. The hat is made out of craft paper and has bricks drawn on it so it’s a chimney pot. He wore it all afternoon at school (including the hat which is amazing for him as he hates hats) and then wore the tunic until bedtime and all the next day as well so I guess he liked it!

It was pretty easy to make and I may do a bit more finishing on it at some point if he stays interested in it as I just overlocked the edges and there’s no hem at the bottom or around the neck or armholes. I was feeling quite ill the night I made it so I just did the best I could at the time. My drawing skills are also pretty terrible, I think they should teach constructing costumes and making school projects when you take your antenatal classes, for some reason schools seem to think that all parents are able to do these things and I do find it quite hard work at times. At least with a house all I had to do was use a ruler and not draw anything fancy, maybe next year he’ll let me use the costume book I bought years back in anticipation of costume making and do something a bit more interesting!

I picked up the Frontier Pinks cardigan 2 nights ago and I’m now doing the decreases on the yoke so it should be finished pretty soon (I hope as I only have 2 balls of yarn left!). I’m finding it easier to knit sitting at my desk watching tv on the computer as I can put the weight of it on the surface rather than having it on my hands which hurt after half a row. I still need to pick up Jim’s Hoodie again and I will get on with that soon but I fancied working on something different for a little while so I let myself, it’s better than casting on for something new anyway!

No sewing of late, I didn’t get motivated last week at all to do any and this week is half term so there won’t be much chance except in the evenings when I tend to be too tired to go up and get going. I did cut out a Christmas present for my sister and I’m excited about trying it soon so hopefully I will have that to show you soon. I need to get cracking on the Christmas stuff so I’m not rushing in December, most of it is pretty easy and it’s just a case of dyeing some fabric and tracing a pattern or two, once Jim is back at school I will work my way through them.

My only exciting news to report is that Piggle is almost walking! He has been taking 2-3 steps and falling down but today he walked back and forth across the living room holding onto a wheeled trolley that we bought for Jim and he never used. Piggle was pretty excited and proud of himself so I will have to watch out and not get run down once he gets the hang of standing up to use it himself and Jim is very sweet applauding him as he goes so it won’t be long until he’s even more into stuff than he already is (which is an awful lot!).


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