I do actually have two knitted FO’s to show you, the Frontier Pinks Jacket and Jim’s Hoodie. The plan was the steam them with the iron today and take some pictures but that’s not going to happen now. Jim’s been up all night throwing up so he’s now asleep in my bed. Hopefully he will be better soon and I can get the pictures done.

I have cast on for another pair of socks, they’re the Groovy Socks by Sock Pixie and I’m using Sock Pixie Vegan yarn for them. The colour repeats in the Vegan yarn aren’t actually the right length to get the pattern to work how it should be I like the lace effect I’m getting with it so I shall keep knitting. I am a bit concerned at how thin the knitted fabric feels, I’m not sure if they will wear well at all. I have another skein of the yarn in a different colourway so if I don’t think these socks are up to the wear and tear they’ll get I think I will knit a small shawl with that, I have 400 yards which is 37 yards short for the listed yarn requirements of the Swallowtail Shawl, I shall peruse Ravelry to see if I actually do need the full yardage or not.

Just one more UFO on my list to get done before Christmas and that’s the Icarus Shawl. I think I have another repeat and a half of the easy bit before I start the complicated lace so I’m off to watch some tv on the computer and get knitting on it whilst keeping an ear out for a sickly little boy.


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