All Done!

I finally finished off all my holiday crafting last night, I had forgotten that Jim would be off school so the sewing was relegated to the evenings instead of my usual mornings, but I managed to get it all done and I’m excited to see what the recipients think of what I’ve made.

So, here are the final things for your viewing pleasure:

First up is the Yarn Harlot’s pattern for a One Row Scarf for my Brother In Law. The finished length of this was 62″ and I used one and a half balls of Cascade 220 Heathers which I had left over from my Dad’s Cobblestone Pullover. Although this scarf was really long it actually wasn’t a boring knit and I had memorised the pattern after the first 2 rows which is unusual for me, I normally have to look it up over and over again no matter how simple!

Next was another Kwiksew 3144 nightdress, this one for my older sister. I used the long pattern and shortened it to just around knee length as that’s how she prefers them. Again this is such an easy sew and didn’t take any time at all really.

A close-up of the fabric for anyone interested. I used PRR Snowflake print which I dyed with Kingfisher Dylon in the machine. It was supposed to be a darkish greeny blue but as I dyed more than the package recommends I got turquoise which is still ok for the colours she likes.

This was another quick knit for my Brother In Law and brought the total up to 3 hats for him.

The pattern is the Runnin‘ Beanie from Woolly Wormhead and it was really fun to make and only took 2 evenings to knit. I used one ball of Rowan All Season’s Cotton in Fern. I must have miscounted somewhere though as this hat came out a bit more punk rock than the pattern, for some reason my dropped stitches aren’t even and the distance between them varies quite greatly, not sure where I went wrong as I followed the pattern exactly. Anyway, I love this hat and I’m going to make myself one using the same yarn as I have another ball leftover from the sweater I made from it.

I made this last night in about an hour after having traced the pattern and cut it out during the day. It’s from Jalie 2005 and is for my Mother. I actually said I’d make this for her during the summer but never got around to it so she’s getting it for Christmas instead, hopefully she will still like the fabric she choose from my stash! Sewing for my Mother makes me giggle as she’s so small it’s almost like making kids clothes and I seem to use so little fabric on her, I’ve got plenty of this left to make myself a t-shirt in the future.

This scarf wasn’t actually a present. I found the fun fur scarves I had knit a few years back and gave a couple to my Mother. When we went out for the day with my parents a few weeks back my older sister tried to steal one of the scarves from my Mother so when we looked in Sheepish in York she found herself 2 balls of fun fur for me to knit her a scarf. I cast on 22 stitches on 6.5mm needles and used the full 2 balls for this, a very fast knit and she’s really pleased with it.

And this is for Marie of the shiny red boots, a close-up of the fabric I used for my Mother’s nightdress.

I’ll be back with perhaps some more projects in the week after Christmas as the boys are away for 5 days and I’m raring to get going on some sewing for myself now! If I don’t manage to make anything (I also have a load of books on the way from Amazon so I may just slob out and read for a week!) then I will definitely be back with my year-end roundup.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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