So, What’s In All These Bags Then?


So, I made another 2 of the Japanese origami bags to house knitting projects.  I also made another 3 tote bags yesterday (first time sewing for almost a week due to illness in the house) and I thought I would finally do an update on what I have on the needles and show you what is living in all these bags I’ve been making!

In no particular order…


This is actually my newest project, I’ve only done 4 rows of it so far!  The pattern is Sirdar 8817 (all links are for Ravelry) and it’s a gillet with a nice collar, but not the ribbed version shown on Ravelry, mine will be straight up and down.  My Mum actually bought this pattern after trying on the store sample (second time she’s done that in that shop!) and I quite fancied one for myself.  I am using quite a cheap acrylic, but it doesn’t feel too cheap and the reviews on Ravelry for it are good.  It’s James C Brett Marble Chunky.  It comes in huge 200g balls with 341y per ball and costing only £3.45 where I bought it so a garment for £6.90 isn’t too shabby!  The colour is shades of brown through to dark grey as I wanted something not too bright.  We’ll see how it comes out and whether it lasts at all in this yarn.


This is Global Warming which I asked about previously as I still can’t figure out the right number of stitches to cast on.   The yarn is a nice soft cotton and this should be a simple knit once I figure out the sizing.  I saw one of the ladies at Knit Happens, the knitting group I go to every fortnight (it is on every week but my Mum can only babysit every other week for me!), wearing it last time so perhaps she’ll have some idea of how to size it up, although she probably made the pattern size.


This is the Printed Silk Cardigan from Interweave Knits. I’m using Rowan 4 ply cotton and it’s knitting up well.  I have done both sleeves now and the back is ready to start the chart.  I actually knit the back to this point before starting the sleeves as the chart is slightly intimidating.  I’m sure once I get into it I’ll be fine but at least the 1×1 rib sleeves are completed so I don’t have to do them later!


I’d completely forgotten about this until I pulled it out of the bag.  It’s the Vest With Lacy Shoulders in Freedom Gorgeous bamboo.  I finished the back and the front it knit up to where it slips for the u-neck and patterning.  I think I stopped on this because I am thinking I may have done the back wrong as the armholes seem to shallow to me.  Best thing to do would be to finish the front and compare them as the back won’t need much ripping out but for now it’s on the back burner even though I could have it finished in a few nights if I just picked it up again…


This is for Jim and it’s the Twisted Tree Pullover.  This should use up the last of the hemp/wool that I bought years ago after being assured it was hemp/cotton.  I started this thinking that it was just stocking stitch except for the leaf panels so it would be a quick and easy knit, turns out that it is actually knit and purl panels and the twisted tree panel so it takes more attention than I wanted it to.  Saying that I am at the point now where I can read what I need to do except on the tree bit where I follow the instructions row by row so I should start making some progress on it.  I’m making the chest size for a 5 year old but the length of a 6/7 year old for my tall lanky boy and it will hopefully fit him for a while.  This yarn has to be soaked in fabric softener for a bit before it can be worn or else it’s pretty scratchy but I like knitting with it and it seems to be showing up the pattern well.


These socks are from the Nutkin pattern.  I received the yarn in the Vegan for Every Season swap along with a copy of the pattern (that was part of the swap requirements, to provide a pattern and enough vegan yarn to make it).  The yarn is the Tequila Sunrise colourway from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy.  It feels a little rough to work with but once it’s knit up it’s much softer.  It’s the bamboo/cotton mix and I’m so impressed with it already that I treated myself to 2 more lots of it along with some tencel to make a shawl (please don’t mention the 3 incomplete shawls on the needles!).  The pattern is pretty easy to follow after the first few times you do it and they’re knitting up quite fast considering that I’ve only worked on them a few times.


These are the Scales Skin Socks which I have had on the needles forever.  I’m using Maizy for them and I love the way they are looking but the pattern is a bitch to knit.  You are constantly lifting stitches over other stitches and even with sharp Knitpicks metal needles they’re slippery suckers.  I will finish these one day because as I said it looks fabulous, but there is a lot more work needed on them!


These are my plain Panda Soy socks, the colourway is Stained Glass I think.  I got to this point, needing to kitchner the toe of  the first sock, about a month and a half ago and haven’t done it for some reason.  I love the way these look and the yarn is lovely to work with.  Plain socks are such a nice project to have about for a quick few needles here and there so I really should make and effort to get the second one cast on as they could be done in no time once I have.


This is Peppermint Twist from Stitch and Bitch.  I’ve loved the look of this sweater since I got the book but it calls for Rowan Cotton Glace which I swore never to work with again after making The Sheep Shawl for my sister out of it, that stuff is far too hard on the hands.  I was browsing Ravelry one day and saw that someone had used Rowan 4 ply cotton so I got to thinking about all the spare balls of it I had bought from someone’s stash sale ages ago and pulling them all out discovered that I only needed to buy 2 balls to be able to make the sweater.  I’ve been putting off casting it on for ages after trying to get gauge and it not quite being right but I gave in in the end and here it is.  I’m working on the sleeves first to make sure I have enough of the main colour before I put all the effort into the body.  The balls to the left are the other 3 colours I’m using, one of them looks like the sleeve colour but it’s actually a more greeny blue.  Hopefully this will be a nice easy sweater to pull on with jeans and it should be an easy knit as there isn’t a lot of shaping to it, however it is on 3mm needles so it won’t be too fast!


And finally, the project I’m going to cast on as soon as I finish this post!  I was knitting the Leyburn Socks, they were supposed to be part of a knitalong but I only got an inch into the pattern and the knitalong ended on the 5th…  I pulled them out for the photo and realised that I still wasn’t happy with the toe (they’re knit toe up) and after having cast on for them 4 times before I got that far that I wasn’t in the mood to try them again, so they were ripped and the yarn put away.  As I was putting the yarn away I came across this beautiful Panda Cotton colourway, Blueberries-Grapes, and had to cast on with it soon so I had a shuffle through the patterns I have printed out and found the Monkey pattern by Cookie A.  I have cast on for these socks before but the yarn I used wasn’t right for them (I think I tried to use Sock Candy and it was too thick) so hopefully the Panda Cotton will be better.  I’ll be doing one less leg repeat than the pattern calls for as PC is short on yardage but I’m looking forward to these as I’ve loved the pattern for ages and this yarn is just so damn pretty.

So, that’s where I am with my knitting at the moment.  What I haven’t photographed are the 3 shawls that I’ve had on the needles literally for years, an Extreme Textiles kitchen mat which is miles of I-cord knit on huge dpns and 5 balls of yarn at a time in greens working through to oranges (I’m almost done with the knitting but the sewing up is daunting) and an Extreme Textiles mat in pinks and reds which is going to live on my landing and is being knit with 10 balls of yarn at a time.  Oh, and there’s also Martha which I have only knit one sleeve on and haven’t worked on in almost 2 years plus the yarn sitting here for the February Lady Sweater when I get around to buying some 5mm circulars (my Mum tried to get me some to replace the ones she borrowed an age ago and is still using but we didn’t realise for a month, until I went to cast on, that the company posted us 6mm needles instead…).

So that’s 16 projects on the go at the same time, although some of them are less on the go than others!  It’s a lot, even for me, but I just can’t seem to settle for just one or two things at the moment, I’m needing the variety and to be able to pick up something different each evening.  I know in a few months I’ll probably feel bogged down by it all and have a giant finishing up few months but perhaps this is just my knitting style, and in the end there isn’t much that I don’t finish off, even if it takes me a long while.

I would like to get back to the shawls but I’m still finding that I’m too tired in the evenings to concentrate on them well.  The Diamond Fantasy Shawl is gorgeous and it’s fun to knit, but I’ve not had the brainpower to count it properly and I really don’t want to mess it up as I’ve done so well with it so far (I do have a safety line in it but still, ripping back lace with that many stitches is depressing).

In the sewing room I have been working on other things besides bags, I have 2 t-shirts for Piggle to show you and I’m working on an outfit for Jim at the moment.  I feel like I’m getting through the piles of things I had out to make which is nice, I have enough projects planned to look forward to but not so many that they fall over on the floor all the time!

Phew, what a mamoth post, I’ll shut up now and let you get back to your real lives!


3 thoughts on “So, What’s In All These Bags Then?

  1. Liz says:

    Wow – 16 WIPs that you admit to 🙂 I’m firmly in denial about the stuff behind the sofa!
    You’ll love the marble Chunky -It’s a “nice” acrylic, makes up fast and washes beautifully!
    Looking forward to seeing some fiished items soon!

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