So, it’s been a while again.  I’ve been trying to spend less time on the computer and get more done which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t  but seems to mean that I blog less which I’m not that happy about but there you go.

Anyway, onto some things that I’ve made, these dishcloths were made in February for the Vegan for Every Season Valentines swap.


They were both free patterns on Ravelry and I made both of them out of 1 ball of dishcloth yarn that I’ve had in my stash for years.  I actually won most valentiney swap package which was nice and I got a good package in return for the first time ever, I’m usually very unlucky with swaps and either receive rubbish or nothing at all!

So, sewing for March wasn’t as much as I wanted to get done (is it ever?!?) but I had Jim home sick for a week and then I was ill too, two weekends when the boys were away where I’d usually try and get some sewing done I ended up just lounging around trying to recover from one illness or another which was irritating.


These are Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers t-shirts that I made for Piggle using up scraps from previous garments.  I realised when making these that I’d made a mistake tracing the pattern (luckily I caught it before I cut the fabric!) and hadn’t added enough length to the pattern for sleeves without cuffs, now that I know that I can make sure I do so for any future t-shirts.  He’s wearing these now and they’re only a tiny bit too big for him, he’s really grown recently!


This is an outfit I’ve had planned in my head for Jim for ages and ages now.  I dyed the fabric a while back but never got around to cutting it out.  When I visited Abakhan last month I found the chopper applique which is very similar to the ones on the trousers.  The pattern is Onion 20035 and I used the 104 cm size but added in length to the trousers and the t-shirt.  The trousers are PRR Chopper Twill and the t-shirt is some red interlock that I bought from Price Immaterial on Ebay.  I actually dyed some fabric grey for the t-shirt but it came out such a different shade from the trouser fabric that I couldn’t use it, luckily I discovered the red which I’d forgotten I had!  I love the way this came out and I’m looking forward to warmer weather so he can wear it, he seemed quite pleased with it too!

That was all I got done in March, my totals were 5 y sewn and 3.5m purchased (very confusing mixing yards and metres but I bought the fabric from a UK shop and used American fabric for the stuff I made which I bought in yards!).  Not as good as I’d like it to be but there you go, more out than in so it’s not too bad.

I’ve actually already sewn more yardage this month than I did last month and we’re only into the second week!


These pyjama pants are from the Ottobre 4/05 pattern that I’ve used about 6 times already.  I lengthened the pattern by 9 and a half inches and did a 1 and a half inch hem on them and they’re the perfect length.  The fabric is Heather Ross which I got from Abakhan.  I have enough of this fabric left to do either bottoms for both the boys next summer or a full pair of pyjamas for Jim, I bought 2 pieces of it on two different trips as I love it so much!


These are the Peter Rabbit pyjamas that Jim asked for after I made the Squirrel Nutkin ones.  The fabric was from Abakhan and I have enough left for a pair of bottoms for one of them in the future (was just looking through my sewing photos and realised that Jim had a pair of Clifford pjs exactly like the ones I’ve made them both this year when he was about Piggle’s age, nothing like repeating yourself!).  These are Kwiksew 1556 and 3126.  Piggle’s are T2 and Jim’s are the 5 year old size with some length added to them.  I did a false fly on Jim’s this time and it came out well.  It’s the first time I’ve used this version of the pattern with the collar and I like the way it came out, the collar is rounded which makes a nice change.

Here’s a close-up of the fabric and the buttons


I must love them, I sewed 6 buttons on by hand and I hate sewing on buttons!  They both wore them last night and they looked lovely, the trousers are still a little long for Piggle but that’s better than too short and it’s not like he walks around much in his pyjamas anyway so he won’t be tripping on them.

Knitting is coming along slowly, I’m working here and there on different projects as they take my fancy, I’ll finish something one day!  I have made the lovely discovery that I can knit lace again though, would you believe it if I said I’d not finished a shawl since 2006?!?

Looking back 2006 was when I got pregnant with Piggle, then had him the next year and then the whole separation deal so my brain really hasn’t been able to slow down enough to let me knit lace.  I am so happy that I can finally concentrate on it again and I’m making really good progress with the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, in fact I should be able to finish knitting it this week!  I’ve been doing 4-8 rows a day depending on how I feel and despite making a mistake here and there which I managed to solve each time without having to rip back to my safety line it’s going really well.  I have lace on the brain at the moment and am already planning my next project even though I’m not going to let myself cast on for it until I finish the Icarus Shawl which got very close to being done before Christmas and then was abandoned without a second thought!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to, hopefully I will have more to show you soon, I cut some more pyjamas out for Piggle last night and have more pj pants planned for me plus the list of things I made last night for all of us!


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