April Has Flown By Too

This month seems to have disappeared somewhere and I have no idea where the time has gone!  Jim’s 6th Birthday was yesterday and I’ve spent time on and off all month buying things, planning things, making things and sorting things for his party.  He’d never asked for one before so I wanted to do my best and he seems very happy with everything that happened so I can now relax for a bit!  I was so tired last night after rushing around setting things up and then clearing up after it all that I went up to bed at 9 and read for a little while, and I was still late getting up this morning!

So, I have been sewing amongst all of this and have quite a few things to show you!

First up more pyjama bottoms for me, again using the Ottobre 4/05 pattern lengthened.


This fabric was from Abakhan and the resulting pj pants are really comfortable.


This pink striped linen feel cotton also came from Abakhan, bought with pyjama bottoms in mind.  It’s always nice to finish something from fabric you bought with a purpose!


This fab handbag print knit is leftover from my cloth nappy making days.  I knew it was one that I wasn’t going to part with when I sold off a lot of my fabric from the business and it’s so nice to see it finally used up!

I also made another pair of pyjamas for Piggle using Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers.


These sew up so fast!  The trousers are a little bit long for him but that’s fine as he’s not walking around in them very much.  He’s worn these quite a few times already and I’m sure he will get a lot of use out of them if we have another typical English summer (ie two weeks of sunshine and the rest damp and dull!).

During the Easter Holiday I knew I wouldn’t be able to get much sewing time so I planned a few projects that I knew I could do quickly before I was missed.  Jim tends not to notice that I’m gone for about half an hour if he’s engrossed in something so if I work fast I can use that time well.  Once he has noticed I’m gone I’ve got about half an hours more sewing time with him popping in and out to see if I’m done (I try and do the sewing while Piggle is napping so I don’t leave them both downstairs on their own).

This was another Abakhan purchase with a pattern in mind


It’s my old friend Onion 5022.  I added 2 inches to the length and it fits me a lot better .  The silver FOE I got from a co-op ages ago where I stocked up with 5 yards of any colour I thought might come in handy one day.  I still have a ton of it left.  You don’t get much more simple than this pattern, shoulder seams, FOE around the neckline, side seams and then hemming the sleeves and bottom, quick as a flash!  I’m wearing this right now and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it, although the knit is pretty cheap so I don’t see it lasting longer than the summer really, but I don’t mind as it didn’t cost much and was so quick to make.

When I’d sewn the t-shirt I cut out 3 more quick projects for Piggle which I fit in here and there through the rest of  the week.


These are Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers t-shirts in T2 using up more scraps from things I’ve made Jim in the past.  The sleeves on the short sleeved one came out really short for some reason so I’m going to make a note to lengthen the pattern piece next time I use it.  The trains is PRR jersey (they are actually straight on the finished t-shirt, I seem to have laid it out badly to take the picture!) and the space t-shirt is a Carters Knit I got from the Colour Me Flannel Co-op. The ribbing is from stash, I actually had enough of the ribbing I dyed to make Jim a t-shirt out of the trains fabric to do this one, always nice when that happens!  The space t-shirt has cuffs as I didn’t have enough fabric to do long sleeves without but too much fabric to waste just doing a short sleeved t-shirt.

Knitting wise I have finished off the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, yippee!  I am going to buy some blocking wires in a week or two and then I will take it around to my parents house to block on the floor of their spare bedroom.  I have done a few rows of the Icarus Shawl but not as much as I’d like, I will try and get to work on that soon as it’s just the border pattern that needs doing so it shouldn’t take too long.  Besides that I have been working on a plain sock and am almost finished with the first Monkey sock too.  The Gilet has seen a little bit of action and the Striped sweater too but it’s mainly been socks around here.

I did cast on for another long term project though!  I have kept all the leftover odds and ends of the socks that I’ve knit (the non-wool ones anyway) and have wanted to put them to use for ages.  I decided that I will knit a blanket from them, yes, that will take a really long time.  I’m knitting 3 inch wide strips from whatever I have left of each yarn using needles that give a nice gauge for it.  Then when I have enough strips I will start to piece together a blanket/throw of some kind.  I cast on 3 strips on 3 different sized needles to give me an idea of how many stitches I’d need and I’m picking them up here and there to do a little bit when I don’t have time to get into a long row or feel like thinking about a project.  I’ve got years worth of yarn to get through and of course I’ve always got socks on the go so there will be new colours to knit up.  The finished thing should hopefully look quite nice, I decided against squares as it’s hard to get them all the same size, I thought strips would be easier to piece together and make it look almost like a quilt.  Don’t expect to see a FO any time soon from this project!

I think I have enough time to sew one more project in April.  I have cut the pattern and picked out the fabric for a light jacket for me.  I have been wearing the Built By Wendy coat I made a while back all this winter and I’m bored of it now, plus it’s starting to look really worn now.  I want something light that I can just throw on and isn’t patterned or too bright as I tend to wear a lot of patterned clothes and don’t want to clash too badly!  I need to buy thread, buttons and bias binding when I go shopping tomorrow and then I will get sewing on it.  It’s a ‘simple’ pattern but I’m adding some work for myself to it. Still, I think that 3 sewing mornings should see it done, we’re off to Brighton to see my sister and BIL for the bank holiday so I’d like to take it with me if I can.

Oh, and if anyone is interested I’m Twittering now.  My user name is finallywakingup if anyone should want to follow me!


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