Here’s Some Stuff I Made!

I’m in the sewing groove at the moment but not the blogging groove obviously.  I also found my knitting mojo this last week, it was apparently hiding in a shawlette which I really enjoyed making, so much in fact that the pattern, needles and yarn are out for the next one and I stayed up late last night so I could finish it and cast it off!  All the fun of lace without the endless repeats and also more useful as you can use them for scarves and not be covered or get caught up in them like full size shawls.  Have no fear, I have not sworn off full size shawls forever, I still have plenty of them on my list to make, in fact there are 2 that I’m eyeing up at the moment, one is actually a stole which will be my first, but I have the yarn for both and am itching to cast on.  I really want to get the Icarus Shawl off the needles first though, I’ve not got all that much left of it but I’ve not touched it in ages (and still haven’t blocked the Diamond Fantasy Shawl).

So, as I said I have been sewing so I have a few bits to show you.  First though that knitting FO I talked about and never came though with.  It’s not actually all that interesting, just a pair of plain socks, but here they are!


Sorry about the flash on them but I couldn’t get a good picture without it.  This is Panda Soy in Stained Glass and it was really nice to knit with.  It’s my standard 72 stitch sock on 2.25mm needles and the socks are really comfortable and have been worn and washed a few times already!

So, back to the sewing, I finally finished off the summer jacket I was working on.


The pattern is Butterick 4463 and I have to say easy my ass.  There was something funky with the collar of this pattern, I sewed it exactly as the instructions and diagram showed it and it would not turn properly.  The only way I could figure to correct it was to unpick the stitching from the outside and then hand stitch it shut again.  It was having to do that that put me off the project for a while.  I may been princess of UFO’s when it comes to knitting but with sewing I usually finish up everything and don’t tend to have more than one WIP at a time (I have stuff cut out ready to go but I only sew on one thing at a time).


Anyway, the collar didn’t come out too badly but it isn’t as crisp as I would have liked it to be.  The fabric is kind of an olive/grey heavy linen that I bought from Abakhan.  I have no idea what I had in mind when I bought it but it was perfect for a summer weight jacket so I’m glad I did!

The other reason that this jacket took me longer than it should have done was because I decided to do some finishing to the seams.  It’s unlined and the pattern doesn’t call for any finishing at all inside but I wanted it to be neat without having to put a full lining in.  Enter bias binding


I used 9 metres of this gingham bias binding and it made everything take that little bit longer, but I’m very happy with the result!  The only other change I made was to add a hook on the back to hang it from.


I’m pretty happy with it.  I made a size 18 after looking at the ease on it and it fits me perfectly, it would have been far too baggy had I made the 20 like the pattern suggested I should.  The only thing, besides the collar, that I’m not particularly pleased with is that the sleeves had to be gathered at the top to make them fit which makes it a little bit poofy.  The yoke is interfaced which meant that there was no give at all to ease in the sleeve.  Anyway, it will work for what it’s intended for and I’m pleased with it, I like the fact that it’s sensible but fun at the same time and that the fabric is always going to look creased so I don’t have to worry about it as there’s nothing I can do!

Next up were the final pair of pyjamas for this summer and they were for Piggle.


The fabric was from an online friend and the buttons from stash.  I used my usual Kwiksew 3126 without any changes to it and made the T2 size which fits him perfectly at the moment.  I guess in the next few months I will have to start thinking about winter pyjamas but I need to see how much Piggle is going to grow so I can add some length to the T2 size for him, T3 will be too baggy as he’s following his brothers example and turning into a tall lanky boy!

I have more to show but I think this post is picture heavy enough as it is.

I never posted my fabric total for April, I did pretty well on the buying front with only 1 metre coming in (found in a curtain shop and intended for a bag) and I sewed up 14 1/4 yards/metres of fabric which I was really happy with!

My May total was not quite so good on the incoming fabric!  Whilst I was in Brighton I visited Fabric Land.  I expected it to be a terrible higgledy piggledy shop judging from their awful website but it was actually a really nice light shop neatly organised with lots of great fabric, so nice that 22 metres of it found it’s way home with me!  Now, about 9 metres of that is actually for my BIL’s Birthday present of chef’s ‘whites’ so it won’t linger in the stash, but I did get some lovely cotton prints for pjs for the boys, some plain white and black cotton for shirts for me and a great green print cotton mix for a blouse.  I was really happy with my purchases there and they were very reasonably priced so I’m looking forward to visiting again in the future whenever we get all the way down to the bottom of the country!  I didn’t do quite so well with the sewing in May, I used up 6 1/2 yards/metres of fabric, not bad but I could have done more had I not been so annoyed with the jacket that I ended up not sewing for a week or so as I didn’t want to face it!

So, after 5 months I’m behind on my goal to sew more fabric than I have coming in.  I have bought 65 1/2 yards/metres so far (I used the mixed measurements because some fabric comes from the States and some from over here so it could be either measurement) and I have sewn up 40 1/4 y/m.  I don’t intend to have many more huge fabric buys this year but you never know what you’ll come across, I will hopefully catch up soon and at least break even in the next few months.


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