Trying To Break Even

I’m still working on breaking even with my fabric in and fabric out, I’m running out of months though and have quite a long way to go!  My totals for July were 9 1/4 y/m sewn and 12 y/m bought…  6 m of that came from someone I know online clearing out some fabric free for postage, 2m for a really cute polycotton from Boyes for only £1.99 a metre and 4 metres from Ikea where they were having a sale on some of their fabric.  Total bought for this year is 86 3/4 y/m and total sewn to July is 57 1/2 y/m so I need to keep sewing and try not to buy!  This month I’ve bought 1 1/2 m from Boyes which was some nice lawn that was only £2.50 a metre but I can’t see myself getting anything else unless another online person has a clear out!

I had a week to myself while the boys were with their Dad but it took me until the end of the week to find my sewing mojo again.  Once I had it though I’ve hung on for dear life and have been cranking things out as best I can.  If I can keep the momentum going I should be done with my planned projects in the next few weeks (kiss of death saying that!).

First up was a shirt from this pattern


It’s the men’s version of the pattern so it’s not as fitted as the women’s would probably be but as I intend to wear it open over a tank top I’m not worried about that.  The fabric I bought in Brighton from Fabric Land specifically for this shirt and I’m pretty happy with the way it came out


Here’s a close-up of the name badge which I got off Etsy and the buttons which I found in Boyes


I haven’t ironed on the name badge yet as I’m not sure that it’s in the right place, I need to have a look online at bowling shirts and see if the names go above the pockets or on the other side like I’ve placed mine.

Next up was some chefs ‘whites’ for my Brother in Law.


Again the fabric is from Fabric Land in Brighton.  When we were down there he and I went in and I got him to choose which fabric he liked.  I’m making them for his Birthday present (late as always!) and have another 2 pairs to do now that I’ve posted him these and he’s confirmed that they fit.  On top of the dressform is a surgeons cap, I made 2 from this fabric for him.  I have plans to make quite a few more of these hats for him in various fabrics from the stash so that he has enough to wear all week and some in the wash.

Close-up of the fabric


Then I moved onto stuff for the boys


Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers t-shirts for Piggle in size T2 with an inch added to the sleeves and the length.  They’re fitting him really well with a little bit of growing room so this is the size I will keep using for a few months more.


Summer linen-type trousers made using Kwik Sew 3126 and 1556.  Yes, those are pyjama patterns!  I really like the way their pyjama bottoms are fitting them at the moment and how loose they are on them so I made the trousers from the same patterns.  Again I straightened the legs of Jim’s to bring them a little bit more up to date.  They wore these the other day and they looked both cool and smart in them, they’re a little bit nicer than jeans and a lot more comfortable to wear on muggy days.

Back to me again


This is Simplicity 3835 which is a Built By Wendy pattern.  I had trouble with the bust sizing on the last BBW shirt I made and it’s struck again with this one, I think it needs a full bust adjustment but as I don’t know how to do one it doesn’t have it!  The sleeves and neckline are done with elastic which made it really easy, no gathering!  I left the sleeves quite loose as I hate it when they cut into my arms and I pulled the neckline tight enough to cover my bra straps.

This is a terrible photo


I’m not sure why they are hanging so badly but I couldn’t be bothered to take it again as they’re only pyjama bottoms!  Again it’s Ottobre 4/05 #36 with 9 inches added to the bottom to make them full length.  These pyjama bottoms are so comfortable I will be making them on and off as I find fabric I want to use for a while yet.  They’re incredibly simple as well which is nice!

Finally we have some shorts for Jim


The poor boy is wearing the same shorts for the 3rd summer as I made him long baggy ones and although he gets taller he never seems to get any wider!  These are Ottobre 2/03 #30 with the front pockets from Onion 20035 (the pattern has back pockets already).  I was going to use an Ottobre pocket pattern piece but I’m making Jim a t-shirt from Onion 20035 and the trousers pattern is in the same envelope so I figured I’d use what was there and already traced!  I did realise after I’d folded the waistband that the Onion pattern has a waistband so the pockets aren’t folded over at the top.  Luckily there is still room for Jim to get his hands in and out of these pockets though!  This is one of my favourite PRR prints I think, I have some sweatshirt fleece left and maybe some other types in it (this was the twill dyed with Dylon).

Jim will be getting another pair of shorts from this pattern without front pockets as well as some plain t-shirts to wear with them.  I’ve also got a Ottobre romper that I want to make for Piggle soon in case we have a few nice days where he can wear it!  We’ve had some muggy days and quite a few cold wet days this summer!  I was going to make Piggle a few more summer things but when I found the box of Jim’s old clothes in this size there were about 6 pairs of shorts in there so he doesn’t really need them!

So, I’m getting through my lists and liking what’s coming out of the sewing room. Today’s goal is to finish two grey t-shirts and then overlock the shorts pieces ready for sewing tomorrow.  I’m trying to sew some as well as tracing and cutting whenever I can sneak upstairs for a little bit.  Usually I’m ok for some of Piggle’s nap as Jim will watch a DVD or play on the PlayStation for a bit alone before hunting me down!

Hopefully I will have more to show you soon!d


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