Where Did August Go?

Well, I guess I can answer that, it was full of School holidays and trying to do one or two things a week with the boys.  I did get quite a few projects done using the ‘little bit here little bit there’  method of sewing and I managed to get some knitting projects finished too whilst watching the boys play.

So lets jump right in with some pretty dull looking grey t-shirts for the boys


These were Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers and Onion 20035, both of them had some length added as I have tallish thinnish boys who grow upwards much more than they grow outwards.  Jim’s was to go with the car shorts I showed in the last post and Piggle’s to go with a romper suit that I’ll be working on this week.


This is Simplicity 5099.  I was surprised to find when I pulled the pattern out that the view I wanted to make was already cut out!  After going through my records I figured out when and with what fabric I’d made it and realised that I’ve never worn it as it was a bit small, it’s still in my suitcase of clothes to shrink into so maybe one day!  In lieu of that I made this one a size bigger and I think it came out really well.  The fabric was from Abakhan and it was the leftovers from a vintage dress I made a few years back (maybe not that long).


This is the back of it, I didn’t do the ties last time around but I liked them with this fabric.  I added 2″ to the length of the yoke at the front and the length of the back and I’m happy with the way it came out.  Unfortunately I made it too late in the summer and it’s not been warm enough to wear it!


These are shorts for Jim.  Same pattern that I used for the car shorts which is Ottobre 2/03 #30 but with no front pockets added this time.  The fabric is PRR denim which is really thick.  The print is of tools which made my Bob The Builder fan pretty happy!


I’ve been saving this camping print for when we finally got around to going camping and we went with my sister and BIL and my parents over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August.  The patterns for these were the Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddler and Onion 20035, I think I’ve got my moneys worth out of both those patterns by now!

I mentioned in my last post about knitting that I was working on Lavalette and I finished it up and am really really happy with the results.


The yarn is Bamboo Cotton from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy and the colourway is Garden.  I think the simplicity here really shows off the gorgeous colours of this yarn and it’s lovely to knit with too, I will be buying some more very soon!


This is most likely how I’ll be wearing it, it will add a little bit of warmth and a whole lot of colour!


Again with the t-shirts!  Jim’s to go with the tools shorts and Piggle’s to go with the alphabet trousers I made a while back which he’s finally grown into but had nothing to wear with!


Monkey Socks!  I haven’t knit anywhere near the amount of socks this year as I normally do. I was trying to figure out why the other night and I think I cracked it.  The Ex watched a lot of rubbish on television that I didn’t like very much and wasn’t very interested in so I would just sit and knit socks.  Now that I am in control of what’s on the tv I watch things that I actually want to watch which means that I don’t get the time to concentrate on sock patterns anymore as I’m paying attention to what’s going on on the screen!  I’d like to get another couple of pairs made this year so we’ll see how I get on, my sock yarn stash is too big to leave unattended for too long!

The yarn for these was Panda Cotton in the Blueberries-Grapes colourway and I don’t think the pattern needs much explanation, it’s Cookie A’s pattern from Knitty a looooooong time ago!  I did one repeat less on the leg as Panda Cotton doesn’t have great yardage and I only have short legs!


And another knitted FO!  This is the very dull sounding Vest With Lacy Shoulders pattern which is in a booklet from Twilleys for their yarn Freedom Gorgeous, a bamboo acrylic mix.  I bought the pattern and the yarn at the Knitting and Stitching Show last November (just got our tickets in the post for my Mum and I to go this year!).  I had knit the front and the back up to where the pattern starts but knew that somehow I’d messed up the front and couldn’t figure out why.  Cue it sitting in a bag for about 6 months waiting for me to pick it up again.


Turns out I’d read the pattern incorrectly and had knit the armhole too short (I took a partial measurement as the finished measurement somehow) so I ripped out both sides and corrected it which wasn’t all that hard (it never is when you put off fixing it, when you try and fix it right away it’s always much more complicated!).  Really the ‘lacy’ bit of the pattern is just yo’s which aren’t hard at all.


Once the knitting was finished it had to have the obligatory month or so in the bag before I got around to picking up and knitting the ribbing.  I abhor picking up and knitting, it drives me crazy and I can never seem to get the right number of stitches or do it easily.  At the moment I’m fighting with another project that requires a lot of it and it’s going really slowly.

Anyway, the colour for this is Acorn and I am very pleased with the way it came out.  I tend to sew a lot of brightly coloured things so I fancied something quite plain to wear over them.  I intend to make a lot more vests over time as I really like them a lot.

I think that is enough for one day although I’ve still got stuff to show!


2 thoughts on “Where Did August Go?

  1. Wow you have been busy. I so wish I could sew you make such lovely things I adore your shawl – such fab colours. Are the boys back at school and nursery now ? My oldest has been back at school for two weeks but the younger ones nursery has been closed down until 26 September because of the Swine Flu business – ho hum !

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