Because I Really Needed a New Hobby

I really enjoyed the crochet that I did around the neckline of Annette and I was intrigued to see if I could manage to do anything more complicated than a single/double crochet (depending which country you’re in!).  I’ve loved the look of the ripple blankets that have been popping up all over blogland so I went on a hunt for a free pattern and ended up here.

Not only has Lucy from Attic 24 written out great plain and simple instructions but she’s also included a ton of photos showing you where you should make a stitch and what it should all look like when you’ve done it.

So, off I set to my favourite online supplier (my stash has grown hugely since I found this site so I am not to be held responsible for any purchases you may make!) and bought 6 balls of Patons DK 100% cotton.  I just grabbed the first 6 colours they had and I’ll go back and pick up 1 of each of the others that they have there as and when I’m ready for more.  I then found a shop with cheap postage and purchased 2 of the mulitcoloured Knitpro crochet hooks as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use a 4mm or a 4.5mm one (I refuse to pay huge postage for needles, and now hooks, I think it’s a total rip off, this shop has a flat rate of £1 so I will be using them again).


This morning the postman handed me my two packages and I sat down to have a play and see if the Annette neck finishing was just a fluke.  About 10 minutes after I Twittered that I wished my Happy Hooker book had arrived from Amazon a courier brought it to me!  After the school run I played about but kept making mistakes that I couldn’t figure out.

Once the boys were in bed I tried again and on my third attempt I managed to get the pattern into my head (it’s not hard, you only have to count to 4, but sometimes simple things are beyond me!) and I am now the proud producer of 3 small ripples as so


Sorry about the flash, it’s late and dark here and ignore the odd hole in the middle of the first ripple!

So, tomorrow I will rip out what I’ve done and attempt to do it again about 6 times as wide!  I’m not quite sure what size I want to make, I would love a double bed sized blanket but the amount of yarn needed for that is pretty staggering (about 4,500 m plus), although now I do the math on that it’s only 14 balls of this yarn and I already have 6 so……

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with myself, I still need to work on my tension a little bit and how to hold the yarn, the wrapping it around my fingers thing just isn’t natural to me at all, but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end!  Obviously this is yet another long term project but hopefully it will be fun and I will get my crocheting confidence so I can try a few of the other patterns from The Happy Hooker!


4 thoughts on “Because I Really Needed a New Hobby

  1. I too love those ripple blankets that are all over the place just now – I fancy one too. I remember going to a course at John Lewis to learn to crochet and I really struggled with picking it up – it just felt so unatural to have a needle waggling around in mid air and not tucked neatly under my arm – still once you get into the swing of it, it isn’t so bad – still I’m not sure I can really get away with buying any more yarn right now !

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Marie!

    I did think about making a smaller blanket, but then I felt a little disappointed as in my head I saw it as a big blanket that I could either drape over the back of the sofa or on my bed. I figure if I’m going to do it I may as well do it the size that I really want it to be rather than compromising. Plus, I’m not known for being particularly sensible! lol

    It’s very exciting to find that I can actually understand crochet, I tried it a while back and didn’t understand it at all, I think I picked an unhelpful book and a tiny needle with very thin yarn so I was pretty much destined to fail! I’m sure I’ll get bored at some point but I’m hoping that I get a good chunk of it done before that happens!

    Hope you’re well!


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