Poorly Sick

I’m not feeling so hot, I have picked up a horrible cold that’s been going around and Piggle and I are both coughing and sneezing and blowing noses which is not much fun.  I’m feeling so out of it today that I haven’t sewn as I don’t want to mess anything up and didn’t feel like I was thinking clearly enough not to make a mistake.  I did cut out 2 t-shirts though and hopefully I will feel well enough tomorrow to actually sew one of them.

I did manage to get some sewing done prior to being ill though so I will show you that!


Kwik Sew Sewing for Children pyjamas for Jim.  The top is from some thickish unknown knit that I got from someone online free for postage, the flannel is actually from a pair of pyjama bottoms I made myself several years back.  I was fed up with the huge ass baggy style pyjamas but the fabric was still in really good condition so I saved these to use for one of the boys and here they are re-purposed.

I had a problem when I was cutting the top, I was merrily cutting away and suddenly discovered that I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a second sleeve…  This pattern has you cut the sleeve on the fold which I find really irritating so when I get around to it I will trace the pattern again and stick them together.  One of the sleeves of the top has a nice seam down the middle of it, but I figure he only wears them in bed and I’m the only one it will bother so I’m not going to sweat it.  I gave these to Jim and asked him what he thought to be told ‘they’re nice Mummy, but I don’t like frogs’…  You win some you lose some.


Same pattern but this time without the sleeve seam!  I also remembered to straighten the legs of this pair of trousers which I forgot on the others so they look a little bit dated.  Jim liked these a lot better as they have signs and vehicles on them which he’s into at the moment.


This is Simplicity 4076 view C.  I got this pattern last week in a batch of patterns from the Sewing Patterns dot com sale and really liked this version.  I bought 3 metres of this cotton/synthetic knit off Ebay a few months back and the pattern called for half of it so I can use the rest for something else in the future which makes me happy as I love the print.  I did my usual scientific ‘hold the pattern up to myself and judge how much length I need to add’ which usually works out ok.  However, being ill as I was, I really misjudged and added 4 inches to the bottom of it when I probably could have gotten away with 2.  I will wear it a few times and see what I think of the length before cutting anything off it though.  I’m very happy with the way this came out and with the knit, it’s got good weight to it and is quite thick so it will keep me warm this winter.

I have been having problems with the chest of drawers that holds my sewing patterns, problems like this


That would be the back of the drawer collapsing under the weight of the patterns and dumping them through into the drawer below.  You may remember a while back I fixed one of the drawers by taping it back together.  That repair seems to have held quite well so I decided it was about time I did the other 2.  So, away I went, emptying them and taping, putting them back in and refilling them.  Happy with the job I’d done I went to put away a pattern only for the front to fall out of one of the drawers I’d just fixed.  So, I emptied it again, taped the front together, put it back in and refilled it.  I then opened the other drawer I’d just fixed and the same bloody thing happened with that one.  At that point I shut the drawer and ignored it, I’ll get around to fixing it at some point but as it’s the bottom one it’s not catching on anything when I open it.  I’m a bit disappointed with the chest of drawers I have to say, I know it’s Ikea but it’s pretty bad quality if it falls apart so easily.  The weight of the patterns isn’t that much more than if I had filled it with t-shirts so it really shouldn’t be coming apart the way it is.

To spread out the weight a bit I had a bit of a reorganisation of my yarn stash to get it out of the top drawer.


I was using the striped chest of drawers for storing cloth nappies in the boys room but it now fits very nicely in my sewing room.   I had to move a few bits around to get it in there but it doesn’t look too bad I don’t think.  The baskets on top also hold yarn and I have a few bags stuffed down the side too!


Just a lot of stacking up going on!  The baskets on top of the chest of drawers hold my elastic, ribbon, bias binding, appliques etc, the baskets were stacked where the striped chest of drawers is now.

This room is tiny and stuffed full of my things, besides reducing the amount of yarn and fabric though there isn’t much I can do about it, even if there is less of those things I will still have the storage that I have now to hold what’s remaining…

Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to sew tomorrow, I’m excited about the next few projects I’ve got lined up and want to see them done.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s the blanket check as of right now


That’s 6 and a half rows done.  My knitting has been suffering due to the blanket as I haven’t really been working on much else.  Trouble is that I have to watch when I’m crocheting so I’ve only been half viewing anything I want to watch on tv too!  I’m really happy with the way it’s coming along and I figure that soon enough I’ll be bored with it and have to make myself work on it.  There’s one hell of a long way to go yet so I may as well get as much done on it as I can now when I want to work on it!


3 thoughts on “Poorly Sick

  1. O my goodness that room of yours looks like floor to ceiling inspiration and possiblities – I don`t know how to decide what to start on next – such fun!

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