That’s Better*

So, I’m back to trying to spend less time on the computer and more time actually doing things with my life.  I’m back to exercising again after stopping for no apparent reason (and then having that bad cold that meant exercise was pretty much out as I was coughing and too tired to bother).  I’m also trying to eat better again.  All of this means that I’ve been slack on blogging what I’ve been doing, I need to try and find a balance where I can keep up to date with my blogging along with my making and doing!


This is Simplicity 3568 made from a synthetic knit that I got from Abakhan.  It was pretty easy to put together until it came to the cowl.  The pattern says that you attach the cowl right sides together with the shirt.  This means that the inside of it shows at the front and I couldn’t quite figure that out.  I did it the way it said thinking I was missing something but I wasn’t so I took it off and sewed it on the other way.  Thing is that it doesn’t quite lay right and slips back and forth a lot.  Luckily the slipping is at the sides and the back which tends to be covered by my hair so it’s no big deal, just annoying.  Also the facing refuses to stay put, I have tacked it down at the sides and then went back and tacked it down at the back and front and it’s also understitched but still it flips up from time to time.  I’m not sure if it’s the fabric or the pattern to blame.  Anyway, this top fits really well so I’m tempted to go back and make the cowl-less version if I can find a suitable fabric in the stash for it.


This is Onion 5022 made using a t-shirt that Jodi sent me an embarrassingly long time ago.  She screen printed her artwork on the front of it and when I commented how much I liked it she offered to send me one.  I asked for the largest size she had knowing that I would want to make something from it rather than wear it as is so this was an XL t-shirt.

This is a close-up of the artwork


Isn’t it great?  The pattern is a tried and true standard and I used black FOE around the neckline and sleeves and double stitched the hem with black thread for some contrast.  It lies flatter around the neckline than it looks in the picture and I’m really happy with the way it came out and to finally get it done!  Thanks so much for sending it to me Jodi and I hope I’ve done it justice.


Piggle still has a thing for Bob The Builder, although he’s stopped singing the song day and night which is nice as it was getting a tad wearing!  The duvet cover I made simply by measuring one that he has already and ripping the fabric to size.  It’s backed with some white sheeting I bought last year to make Jim’s Halloween costume from.  There aren’t any fastenings on it as I don’t have reliable snap press and didn’t feel like doing buttonholes, but neither of his Ikea duvet covers have fastenings so it fits right in.

The pyjamas are Kwik Sew 3126 once again and are the last winter pyjamas for this year.  He was so happy when he saw both these things and excited to have Bob on his pyjamas and bed.  It’s so lovely when your time is rewarded by smiles and laughter and reminds me that I must keep making the boys things while they’re still young enough to appreciate Mummy’s work and not be put out that I didn’t buy them something from a shop!


I didn’t have enough patterns to justify shipping for whatever sale Sewing Patterns dot com had on one time I ordered so I threw in some New Look patterns.  This skirt is from 6811 and was the reason I bought the pattern.  As soon as it arrived I went rifling through the stash to find something to make it from even though I won’t get to wear it until Spring!  It has some nice slanted pockets on the side which you can’t really see in this picture and I don’t know if you can see clearly in this one either.


It’s a lovely flippy summer skirt with a drawstring waist made by sewing the casing onto the outside of the skirt.  I’ve had this fabric for ages and had no idea ever what to make with it but as soon as I saw it and had this pattern in hand I knew they would be a good match!

I enjoyed making that one so much that I right away made a second one!


This is another piece of fabric that I loved but didn’t know what to do with and I think it looks fab as this skirt!  Trust me to get into summer sewing now that the weather is cold!

I’m sure I’ll use this pattern a few more times yet, I had to stop myself from using it a third time right away, it will probably be like the year that I used the Betsy Ross A Line Skirt pattern over and over again and you’ll all be bored of seeing them!


Oh look, I knit too! This is the Frock Camisole from Interweave Knits Spring 2008.  I used Rowan Bamboo Tape in Storm which I got from Kemps for dead cheap.  As you can see by the way it fits my dressform I should have perhaps chosen a larger size!  It’s got lovely drape though and if I can keep watching what I eat and doing those exercises I may fit into it sometime.  I intend to wear it over a t-shirt like a vest rather than on it’s own.

The lines on the front of it are from hanging it over the radiator.  When I soaked this before blocking it literally turned into a board, very very strange.  As it was so stiff there was no way to ring it out and after 4 days of it laying there blocking and it still being soaked I got a bit worried about it going moldy or something so I unpinned it and threw it on the radiator.  I don’t think the lines are forever, I’m sure they’ll go away next time I put it in water.

I’ve finished the major knitting on the Sienna Cardigan, just realised that I meant to start blocking the fronts earlier, will get to it later on tonight after the boys are in bed.  Once it’s all blocked there are the front bands and the collar to do and that will be another one off the needles.  My Dad has suggested another jumper for Christmas so I will have to get knitting on that soon as he’s about a 46″ chest!  Luckily it’s a simple enough stocking stitch pattern so it hopefully won’t take too long and my older sister is chipping in towards yarn.

And finally, blanket check as of last night (and I’ve not touched it today)


That’s 14 complete stripes and about a third of the 15th.  I ordered 4 more colours online which arrived today, I’ve got a yellow, mint, light blue and another green.  There’s also a burgundy to do from the first lot of yarn so when I’ve done those 5 stripes I can start repeating colours.  I am hoping that will be enough yarn to get me to the end, I think I can get 4 stripes per ball but I won’t know what size blanket that will give me until I finish the first colour repeat and can measure it.

I’ve slowed down slightly with it due to the fact that someone in the house (and I have no idea who, it could be me for all I know!) snapped the end off my crochet hook!  I bought a Brittany one on Ebay and found it impossible to use, I just kept dropping stitches all the time and it drove me mad.  It also seemed to be a different size to the one I was using even though they both claim to be 4mm.  The old one is still useable but it does dig into the palm of my hand after a while which is irritating.  I will buy a replacement some time.

Over and out!

* This is one of Piggle’s favourite expressions at the moment, along with ‘all done’ and ‘there we are’.


2 thoughts on “That’s Better*

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of FO’s – bamboo is like that when it’s wet – I don’t know why – my bamboo socks are stiff as boards when wet but soft and silky when dry…

  2. cute stuff! thanks for posting about PJ’s for a little boy. I am dying to make some for my son but I am just having a devil of a time. I sew mainly from tutorials I find on line. I’ve tried patterns before but am not good at it. I have one set cut out (though I botched that) and the shirt sewn together, but the pants and the ribbing still sit there. I don’t check here everyday, but I subscribed, so when you have new stuff I’m here! hope to see more !

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