I have completed my Ravelympics challenge to get 4 of my UFO’s done and dusted before the end of the Winter Olympics.

The Boxleaf Triangle is currently blocking and should be fully dry tomorrow and then the Twisted Tree Pullover will have its turn with the pins so I’ll post photos of those when they’re completely done.

The one I can show you is my Extreme Textiles Kitchen Mat which according to Ravelry I cast on on the 27th December 2008!

I saw this idea in a book at the Knitting and Stitching Show and was given some 25mm dpns from Rachel John for Christmas that year.  All the yarn was from my stash and a great deal of it was leftovers from other projects, the rest being stuff that I didn’t have enough to use for any other project.  There are cotton mixes, bamboo and some hemp in there and it’s all sewn together using a very thin natural hemp yarn that I have no idea what to do with.

The knitting was pretty simple, it’s a 4 stitch i-cord using 5 balls of yarn at the same time.  As I used up the greens I added the lighter orangey shades working through to the darker ones until all the yarns were orange.  When I ran out of 5 different kinds of orange I cast off.

It was the sewing that made this project a UFO for so long, I just couldn’t seem to get myself to get on with it and then when I did a few weeks back I tried to sew it on my lap which resulted in me sewing it too tightly and making a rather large hat rather than a mat.  Last night I ripped out the sewing I’d done and started again, this time laying it flat on the floor and moving around and around as I connected it all together.  Another couple of hours this morning (taking breaks to get the feeling back in my feet!) and it was done.

It does lay flat on the floor now but when I move it it goes out of shape and has to be stomped back into submission, but as I don’t sweep my kitchen floor all that often it shouldn’t be a problem!!

The colours are slightly truer in this picture and this is where it will live.

My Ravelry list now says that I have 7 active projects on the needles.  I know it’s actually 8 as the Extreme Textiles mat for my landing isn’t on there, that’s being made on 15mm needles using 10 balls of yarn at a time and I’ll get around to working on it at some point.  I’m casting on for a new project today with some lovely teal/jade bamboo cotton yarn and my old more complicated project will be Martha who’s been ignored for far too long.  I’ve also decided that instead of casting on for more lace I’m going to work on the Nutkin Socks when I would have been lace knitting so maybe those will get done sooner rather than later.

I’m really happy to have finished these projects off, it’s such a relief to cut my WIP’s down and to get some old and not so fun stuff out of the way so I can work guilt free on new and more fun projects!

Thanks for the comments on my not being well.  I’ve not had another attack which is great but the medicine I’m on is making me feel less than stellar, I’m really tired all the time and one of the medicines (or a combination of them) is making me feel a bit queasy which isn’t nice.  I will keep going though and hopefully sooner rather than later this will all just be a bad memory.


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