Twisted Tree Pullover FO

Well, there’s no getting around the fact that this sweater came out way too big!  I made the 4/5 width and the 6/7 length for Jim who’s a tall thin 6 year old and it’s both too wide and too long for him.  I’ve not got very much experience in blocking wool yarn (I used a wool/hemp blend for this and then gave all the rest of the yarn to my Mother as I’m tired of trying to use it up!) and although I tried to block it wider and shorter I seem to have added several inches in length to it.

The reason it took me just over a year to make a childs sweater was the details in this pattern.  As you may have ascertained I don’t always read through the patterns properly before I start knitting which means that I can be surprised by what I thought from a glance at the picture was a simple garment to make turning into something that requires a full handful of stitchmarkers and more attention when knitting than I’d bargained for.  I thought the sweater was a plain knit except for the panels of the tree pattern when in fact it’s also got knit and purl sections which caused my desire to knit it to disappear quite quickly.

There seemed to be lots of different numbers to keep track of and stitch markers everywhere but once I got going on it and kept some momentum it wasn’t all that difficult, just a bit dull.  I just wanted it to be done which was why I made it my main project to finish during the Ravelympics.

I was also not a fan of the yarn, it’s all thick and thin and there are knots in it and it’s pretty rough to work with.  It does soften up a bit with a good soak but he will need to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under it.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, trying to get a 6 year old to stand still even for a few seconds to get a good shot is very hard work…

As you may see from the above photo too I have a bit of an issue with making the move from knit to purl look smooth.  Purl to knit works out fine but reverse it and I get an uneven line and stitches that look pulled.  I did a twisted stitch every other row as the pattern says but it still didn’t come out evenly and it never does for me.  Does anyone have any tips on how to make it look better in the future?  I’ve tried pulling the yarn tight as I can for the first few stitches and that doesn’t work and it’s a bit frustrating to see it looking so wonky after all the time I put into knitting it.

So, that’s the end of my Ravelympics roundup.  I’m working away on Sirdar 9217 which has really long rows as it’s knit side to side and I’m on the back of it at the moment.  I’m also making great progress on the Nutkin Socks and will hopefully get those done this week (that’s the kiss of death ‘eh?).  I have cast on the back of Martha too and done 2 pattern repeats so far, it’s an enjoyable knit but requires counting and some attention so it’s not the best for television viewing but I’ll get there in the end.

Yesterday I tidied off my sewing table as it was covered in a ton of fabric and patterns and needles that I’d just thrown in there during my sewing break.  I also dyed some fabric for some summer pyjamas for Jim and I’m starting to feel the sewing itch again.  I’d actually like to go up there today but Jim seems to be determined to destroy the house whenever he’s not watched closely at the moment (I’m hoping it’s just a 6 year old phase and he’ll get over it soon) so I will probably sit and knit instead and hope that I still feel the desire to sew tomorrow morning when I have the chance.


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