Socks and Sewing

I finally finished my Nutkin Socks.  I say finally as they were on the needles for just over a year, but in reality it took me about 2 weeks to knit them with a really long break in the middle.

I did the cuff of the first sock and then put them down.  When I got them out again it took a week and a half to finish them and I’m really happy with the finished result.

The yarn is Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo Cotton Sock in Tequila Sunrise.  This is the yarn that got me shopping at Yarntopia Treasures and it was given to me in a vegan swap, the pattern was also the one suggested by my swap partner.

This is actually the first pair of socks I’ve finished out of this sock yarn and I immediately went to browse for some more and requested some dyed to order yarn too which I’m very excited about.  The pattern is really simple and works up really fast, if you don’t abandon it in a bag for a year that is…

I have finally found some sewing mojo this year which is nice.  Last week I worked on this shirt which is Vogue 8269.

I was really optimistic with the size and there is no way this will fit me this summer.  However, I’m not sure I will be wearing it any summer as the fronts just do not lie flat and the armholes gape as so

The fabric is from Abakhan and is a really thin gauzy cotton so I hate to think how much the fronts would stand out and the armholes would gape had I used a thicker cotton.   I do really like the pleats for the ties though

Maybe things won’t look so bad on a real live person rather than my dressform, but it will be a while before I find out…

The boys were with their Dad this weekend so I got back into the sewing room and worked on a pair of yoga pants with some stretch terry that I bought from an online friends stash clearance.

The pattern is Jalie 2445 and I made it years back with some black sherpa and have been wearing that pair a lot so I figured a second pair was in order.  Of course I didn’t think about the fact that the stretch terry isn’t as stretchy as the sherpa so this pair don’t fit, story of my life!

Instead of using cord I sewed some ribbon to some cord and used that for the ties.  I have a whole basket of great ribbons that I never seem to use and I want to incorporate them into things more so this was a nice easy start.

I messed up the waistband along the way too, thinking that I know better than the pattern instructions bites me in the ass every time.  I decided to put the gromets through both layers of fabric instead of through just one and then doing a buttonhole in the other as instructed.  Of course that meant that I couldn’t sew on the casing that holds the cord properly or do the front seam correctly, but I managed to cobble it together in the end.

What was funny was when I finished them I compared them to the old pair and discovered that I did the waistband on those totally wrong but in a different way!  I seem to have cut 2 waistband pieces and connected them so that it’s really deep rather than cutting 1 and folding it in half.  Apparently my mind does odd things when I’m working on this pattern!

I was looking about trying to decide what to cut out next when I came across a UFO.  It’s odd for me to have UFO’s at all, once I start sewing something I usually see it through to the end.  I’m infamous for piling patterns with fabric and having bits cut out ready to go but once the sewing is underway it gets done.

This dress was started last summer I think right after I made a shirt from the same pattern.  It’s Prima Magazine August 2008.

The fabric is from Abakhan and it’s a really lightweight cotton which will be perfect for hot summer days (if we get any this year) but will require me to wear a slip underneath it.  I kept thinking to myself ‘I’ll just do the next step and then I’ll take a break…  Just one more step and then I’ll go downstairs…’ and the next thing I knew I’d finished it finally.

I added an inch to the length of the top and took 2 and a half inches off the length before hemming it so that it hits me right around the knee.  Here’s a closer shot of the tie and the print of the fabric.

I cut out a 1973 dress as well, we’ll see if I actually sew that next or do something else first but I’m glad to be sewing again and am looking forward to making some bits for the boys as well, I dyed some fabric over the weekend all ready to go when I figure out what size they are and which patterns I need to trace for them!

I managed to get my Ravelry list down to 6 WIPS which was amazing for me!  However I’d mentally told myself that I didn’t want to have more than 8 things on the go at a time anymore so of course I was itching to cast on to fill those last two places…

I wanted to do more socks so I cast on for Brigit and have been working away on the first sock all week.  I’m onto the foot and think I have 3 more cable repeats to go before the toe.  I’d like to get them done before the end of the month but it will take some work, it’s been ages since I’ve knit socks on 2.25mm needles, especially with cables, so it’s more time consuming than usual.

I managed to go a few days more before casting on for the 8th project!  I got the yarn for A Good Bias a few years back during the test that Knitpicks did to see if they were going to ship to England or not (they obviously decided not…).  It’s Shine Worsted in Grass which is a bright green. I’d cast on for it once before and then ripped it and this time it took me 2 goes to get into the lace pattern even though it’s a simple 6 row repeat.  It’s on 5mm needles and is growing quite quickly but I’m just picking it up to do a few rows here and there so it probably won’t fly off the needles.

The jadeish cardigan wotsit is coming along well, about 7 more rows and I cast off 40 something stitches and work the second sleeve so I may be onto one of the fronts by the end of the week.  It’s really nice back and forth knitting and the yarn is so soft to work with that it’s a really enjoyable knit.

Unfortunately Martha is being ignored a bit at the moment.  The back is now about 4 or 5 inches long so I’ve made a good start but I do need to remember to get it out and work on it, wishful thinking isn’t going to get it done!

More soon hopefully!


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