Busy Bee

I have a ton of things to show you!  These dungarees were from a few weeks back now using the same vintage pattern as the last pair I made for Piggle, Butterick 6061.

This time I used PRR cord in the tools print which I dyed brown in the washing machine.  Piggle is very into Bob The Builder at the moment so he was very happy with the print.

I used the same fabric for the facings this time as it’s not all that thick and I found the blue buttons in Boyes, they match the blue in the print almost exactly.  These fit Piggle perfectly at the moment so I don’t think I’ll be using the pattern again which is a shame, but I shall save it for when my younger sister has kids so I can whip up a few more pairs as they’re so cute on a small child.

The boys went to their Dad’s for 5 nights so I had 3 days at home alone to get on with some sewing.  Jim is growing out of his favourite sweatshirts which he wears constantly, I wash all 3 of them weekly and they’re looking a bit old and worse for wear now so it was time to get onto making some more of them.

This is Ottobre 3/04 #23 which is the pattern I used last year and lengthened.  Jim hasn’t grown out at all, just up, so this time around I added 2 inches to the length of the body and the sleeves. Next time I make him one I may go up to the next size but it will still require length added to it, were I to sew stuff that is the right length it would be huge on him so it’s a balancing act to find the right pattern sizes.

The fabric is PRR sea turtles french terry and I dyed it in the machine.  I like the way the grey came out, it’s not too dark but dark enough to suit an almost 7 year old who likes to roll around on the floor and who spills more food down himself than his almost 3 year old brother!

Jim is also growing upwards out of all his t-shirts so I got another one done for him in a print he loves.

This is PRR robots jersey dyed along with the sweatshirt fabric.  The pattern is Onion 20035 and I again added 2 inches to the length of the body and sleeves, I also doubled the width of the neckband as I think the pattern piece is too thin.  I’ll need to do him a few more t-shirts for the summer and like with the Ottobre pattern I may actually go up one size but still add some length to it.

Next I started a shirt for myself but it was such a pain in the ass I threw it aside and worked on something quick and easy to keep the momentum going.

This is the third skirt I’ve made from this pattern, it’s New Look 6811.  The fabric is from Abakhan and I think it’s really cheerful and fun.  I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to wear these skirts this summer, last year was so cold I think I only managed to wear a skirt two or three times!

I tried again with the annoying shirt and had no more joy than the first time so I moved onto Simplicity 4176 instead.

I found this polycotton which I got cheaply from Boyes buried in the stash whilst looking for skirt fabric and remembered the pattern.  The pictures on the pattern make the shirt look really boxy but I did like the style of it so I decided to use the cheap fabric in case it turned out horribly.  I added 2 inches to the length of the top section in a sort of full bust adjustment but which also gave it a nicer finished length and I think helped to get rid of some of the boxiness.

This is view A minus all the ribbon and rubbish that they threw on their version.  I’m really happy with the way it came out and it was really simple to put together which is always a bonus.

Meanwhile I finished my second crochet project which was the Urban Shells Scarf.

This took me about a week to make and was a lot of fun, after the first few rows of the pattern I didn’t need to refer to it any more and just picked it up and did a few rows here and there until I ran out of yarn.  The yarn is a linen cotton mix from Yarntopia Treasures (I can give you a link this time as I just placed a huge order today!) and the colourway is called Lily Pond.  I’d had the yarn sitting out on my desk in the living room looking for a pattern for it for ages as I adore the colours and finally this scarf appeared in a Ravelry pattern search.

I really enjoy crochet but the first few rows of a new pattern are such a steep learning curve for me.  I literally have no idea what it’s supposed to look like or what’s going on until I’ve completed them and then suddenly I have that lightbulb moment where it all becomes clear and I can race away with it!

The yarn did run a bit which is unusual for yarn from this store, I’m thinking that it may be the fibre’s fault rather than the dyers as I’ve never bought linen from her before.  I rinsed and soaked it a few times until it was mostly gone and then I stretched the scarf lengthwise and hung it over a hanger to dry.  I got about a third more length after the stretching and a width I’m really happy with, beforehand it was a bit wide and a bit too short for what I was after.

I’ve started on my Babette Blanket now with mainly stash yarn which is nice.  I’m a little worried about the difference in gauge between the fibres (I’m using some cotton, cotton mixes and linen yarns) but we’ll see how the first few squares come out after a bit of blocking and if they’re ok I will carry on.

Back to the sewing!

I took a deep breath and went back to the awkward shirt for a third time.  The problem I was having was attaching the fitted in neck piece to the body of the shirt.  Whoever drafted this pattern was on drugs, or else my sewing skills are a lot worse than I think they are, as it took me about an hour to get it sewn on in a way that I could live with.  I was literally sewing an inch or two at a time and then ripping bits of it out and sewing it again.  When I say ‘live with’ I mean that it is nowhere near perfect, it’s more in the neighbourhood of adequate and I may never wear this shirt unless I go somewhere dark in it..

The bottom corners were the worst bits, it did not sit straight at all and the right hand side is particularly bad, it took a lot of ironing to make it look like it does in the picture…

The pattern is Simplicity 2702 and I doubt I will ever attempt it again even though I really like the style of it…

You know sometimes you look at your knitting projects and realise that you have cast on things all in the same colours (if you’re not a saint who only knits one thing at a time that is!)?  When I finished these projects I realised that I must have been in a pink flowery mood!  I didn’t notice it when I was picking or cutting the fabric, just when I got to the sewing part.  There aren’t any more pink flowery garments on my pile waiting to be made though so I think I must be through it now!

Believe it or not it’s pyjama time again, it feels like I just finished the last lot of pyjamas, but in the meantime Piggle has grown and needs the next size up.

I found 3 plain t-shirts in 3 year old size in my sewing room which I bought to use for Jim but he grew out of before I did, so rather than waste them yet again I just went down the easy pyjama bottom with applique t-shirt route.  The pattern is Kwik Sew 3126 which I use all the time.  This fabric is from Abakhan and is a lovely soft cotton.  There wasn’t enough of it for a full pair of pyjamas anyway and it’s just on the edge of being too babyish for an almost 3 year old so I decided to use it.

I made a second pair as well (I think he’ll need 4 pairs so I’m halfway done!)

I got this fabric from Abakhan too and there’s enough left of it to make Jim a full pair of pyjamas next year, or Piggle if he wants them.  I found an offcut just the right size for these from when I made pyjama bottoms for me from it so I didn’t have to cut into the yardage I have left.

Piggle is really into animals as well as Bob The Builder so he was pleased to see dogs and fish on his pyjamas.  I have some really cool fish fabric to make him a traditional pair of pyjamas out of but I forgot that when you move from 2 year old size to 3 year old size you need more than a yard of fabric.  I need to buy another half yard of it next time I’m in Boyes before I can get started on those.  I’m not sure whether I’ll do the final pair in a knit or use up the last plain t-shirt yet but I have a little time as it’s still quite cold at night here at the moment.

So, that was my sewing so far over the Easter holidays.  I also have a t-shirt for me that just needs the sleeves attaching, the neckband and hemming so I will try and get that done over the weekend with an odd half hour here and there.  It was nice to get some things off my sewing list, I wish I’d managed to get more done and I would have had I not spent so much time arguing with that shirt but there you go, it still isn’t a bad haul!

On the knitting front things are moving slowly, I’m just about to start the heel of my second current sock and I am about to decrease for the sleeve of the final piece of the jade cardigan thingy with the silly pattern name.  Besides that I’ve not touched a lot really, I think I knit myself to death during the knitting olympics and need a little break, hopefully though both these projects will be done by the end of the month!


One thought on “Busy Bee

  1. the scarf is lovely Anna, you do great with crocheting, considering a year ago you said you couldn’t get your head around holding just one needle!

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