Brigit Socks FO

These are my April socks for my ‘trying to knit one pair of socks a month’ pledge.  The pattern is a freebie by Monkey Toes and you can find the details here.

I didn’t find the cables to be as symmetrical as I’m used to, for example on the fsecond row of the pattern you cable 2 right twice, normally I’ve cabled one right and one left so it felt a bit odd to be doing it all in the same direction.  It’s not a complicated pattern but it is a little bit fiddly with such small needles, especially at the end of a needle when you’re trying to cable without a cable needle.

I hadn’t knit any plain coloured socks in a while and I had hoped that the colour of this yarn would have set off the cables a bit better.  I used Maizy in Sea Gray which has been in my stash for a while.  I think it is actually the yarn rather than the colour that doesn’t show off the cables too well, it’s a bit splitty too which added to the frustration when crossing cables!

I don’t think they’re too bad though and I like the finished product.  I could have made the cuff longer had I had the patience for it as I had plenty of yarn leftover but I just wanted to move onto the heel after one and a half repeats of the pattern (which is 35 rows long!).  These socks were actually knit over 2 months with the ribbed Sock Candy ones in the middle, I must remember next time I pick a cabled pattern on 2.25mm needles that I need a faster pair to knit alongside them so that I can reach my intended quota!

I’ve already cast on for my May socks which are done from the toe up.  I’m not a big fan of toe up socks but these have a heel flap and gusset which I’ve not tried toe up before so I took some time last night to get the toe going while I was in the mood and I’m now a few repeats into the pattern which isn’t too boring to knit and the colour of the yarn seems to be working ok with it.

As usual after my huge burst of sewing I’ve not sewn anything since!  I was almost done with the t-shirt I was making when I discovered that the neckband is way way WAY too loose and there is now way I can wear it without doing an almost constant Flashdance which I hate.  I have tried to think of ways to fix it but I just can’t see one that would work unless I try and unpick 2 rows of stitching from a synthetic knit fabric which I think would just result in a lot of swearing and a lot of holes.  I’ve pulled out 2 patterns which I may be able to cut from the t-shirt to try something else, I really hope I can use the fabric as I like it quite a bit and it was a newish purchase.

I’ve cut out an apron which I hope to get sewn sometime this week.  I’m a very messy cook and I’m tired now of ruining clothes with splatters of this or that.  I have made a couple of aprons in the past but they just aren’t quite what I was after so I hope this one meets the undefined image I have in my head!


5 thoughts on “Brigit Socks FO

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Jana,

    I have made a ton of socks in my knitting career, they are a great way to try out stitch patterns without having to knit a huge garment! I’ve challenged myself this year to knit 1 pair a month, so far I’m on target although I’ve only got a few days left to get the May pair done, I don’t know where the month has gone! I have seen crochet patterns for socks, I might try at pair at some point just for the fun!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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