Slow Progress

I am still alive, I just haven’t finished anything to show you and it feels kind of odd to post without a FO of some kind!

I am making slow progress finishing off my Sirdar 9217 cardigan thingy.  I have done the ribbing at the bottom of the fronts, back and sleeves and am working on the wide band of ribbing down one side.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can see what it’s hopefully going to look like on my Ravelry listing here.

I’ve finished the first of my May socks and have done most of the toe of the second one.  The second sock normally goes much faster for me than the first as I’ve worked out how many repeats I can do with the yarn and have done the heel once so I understand what I need to do the second time.  I love the way they’re looking and I’m looking forward to them being done, if for no other reason than I know what my June socks will be and I can’t wait to get started on them!

I have pulled out Mariko again and knit most of one front by unknitting the back.  If you recall I was sent a mixed batch of dyelots when I bought the yarn and didn’t realise until I’d done 2/3 of the back.  Of course, now that I’ve almost entirely unknit what I did I have discovered that a friend from Knit Night got sent the same dyelots in a mixed batch when she ordered from the same place so we are going to swap, meaning I will be knitting the back twice for no good reason, urg…

I’ve kind of stalled on the Babette Blanket, for a while I was doing a square a day but as usual once I skipped one day it became two and now it’s about a week since I’ve worked on it.  I really need to block out and sew together what I’ve done so far so I stop having a huge pile of sqaures which I keep knocking on the floor.  I haven’t decided which colour I’m going to use to sew it together though which is holding me up, along with the usual laziness of course!

Besides that I’ve been slowly working a row or two here and there on Bitterroot.  When I got my order from Yarntopia Treasures I discovered that she had very kindly enclosed a gift skein of yarn for me.  However, the yarn is wool and silk so not something that I would use for myself, even though the colourway is gorgeous.  So, I am making a scarf for my sister for her Birthday in July, after discussion she said she wanted a shawlette with a pattern all over and for it to have leaves.  This one was in my queue so off I went with it.  The yarn isn’t actually that great to work with, I thought silk would be slippy but it keeps catching on my bamboo needles.  I’ll get there in the end but I’m kind of guilty working on it as I had promised myself that I wouldn’t have more than 8 projects on the go at once and this one makes 9…

Sewing is still almost completely stalled.  I did some work on the apron 2 weekends ago but still have a few steps left to go before it’s done.  I don’t know where this sewing slump came from but I am trying to make use of the time it’s left me and I know I will get back up there with renewed enthusiasm at some point.  If there’s no enthusiasm I still need to get up there as the boys need their summer pyjamas soon!

So, that’s me along with a bit of gardening as I have decided to try and grow some vegetables in my small back yard in pots.  If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know at one point I had an allotment which I really enjoyed even though it was hard work.  Since I moved here the gardening kind of fell to the side besides some half-hearted attempts.  This year with Jim helping we have planted some seeds inside and out and hopefully will have something to show for it, but again it takes time away from my crafting so things are moving slower than usual!

Hopefully I will have something to show you soon!


3 thoughts on “Slow Progress

  1. Being torn between crafts and garden sounds very familiar! For several days now I’ve been saying I need to plant more lettuce and get the climbing beans in the ground but the seeds are still in their packets I’m afraid while my knitting continues to win the popularity contest!

  2. rosie says:

    hi…. just came across your chat whilst googling ‘Kathy Winkle’…. do you remember writing about her, and did you manage to collect much more of her?!!

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