And Onwards…

I had another slight sewing slump and all of a sudden I’m wanting to get things done and am making progress which is lovely after such a slow period.

First though, some knitting.  My last order to Yarntopia Treasures was rather large and I guess because of that the lovely owner sent me a free skein of yarn.  Oddly, as I’d ordered only bamboo and cotton from her, she sent me a skein of silk and wool lace weight, I can only think that maybe she was trying to widen my tastes in yarn or something like that!  The colours were perfect for my older sister though and since her Birthday was coming up I consulted her about making a shawl or scarf for her.

After we figured out the basics; triangle or stole, pattern all over or just at the edges etc I took a wander through my hideously long list on Ravelry and came up with Bitterroot from Knitty.  I started knitting it in May but found that the first few charts were all the same pattern so it got a bit dull to work on.  When I got to the chart that had a different pattern row on it it turned out that the first few rows of that chart were still the same pattern I’d been doing, yawn..  I eventually got it done on the 1st of July, 2 days before her Birthday, but luckily we were having a heat wave at the time (it’s cooled down a little now) so it dried in one day when I blocked it.

It came out a bit bigger than the shawlettes I’ve made recently, I don’t know if that’s because silk and wool block bigger than cotton as I’ve never blocked either before…

I like the edging of it, I wish it had been a larger portion of the shawl though, would have made it less mind numbing to knit!

So, onto the sewing!

This was going to be the last pair of summer pyjamas for Piggle but I think he needs a pair with shorts so I’m going to do those really soon in case we get any more really hot nights. I picked up the bolt of this fabric to have a closer look in the shop and he pointed and yelled ‘fish’ and said yes he wanted it when I asked so who was I to argue?!?  The pattern is the usual Kwik Sew 3126.

I cut this dress out ages and ages ago and just never got around to sewing it for some unknown reason.  Once I did get going it was really fast and simple. The pattern is McCalls 3608 from 1973.  The fabric is a heavyish cotton which has been in the stash for a few years now.  I put an invisible zip in the back, first one I’d done in ages.  I was going to make the version of the dress with sleeves but I pinned them on to take a look and didn’t like them, luckily there was enough fabric from the sleeves to cut the armhole facings!  And again with a belt…  This is the last of the belted items I had out from my belt  phase.

When it got really warm here (for England anyway!) I pulled out the skirts I’d made way way back and discovered that they were really comfortable to wear.  So out came New Look 6811 again and several pieces of fabric to make some more.  These skirts are my summer uniform this year with a plain t-shirt!

Even though I didn’t match up the print for the pockets (as I’m lazy!) they blend in really well.  The fact that the skirt has pockets is something I really like about this pattern (along with the drawstring waist), it’s so handy to be able to just chuck my mobile phone and keys in my pockets and go when it’s hot, no need to carry a bag or have things in my hands.

This is another one from the same pattern using yet more fabric I’ve had for years and years.  I don’t know why I bought it as I don’t wear purple normally but I think it works well for this skirt.  It’s actually a quilting cotton so no doubt it will fade with time but it should do a summer or two I hope.

I have another skirt from this pattern cut out and a final piece of fabric ready to go which will give me 7 in total.  It’s a bit like the summer of the Betsy Ross A Line Skirt I guess, when I find a pattern I really like I make it over and over again!

These are summer pjs for Jim who seems to have grown when I wasn’t looking and now all his summer pyjamas that I thought would do him this year are too short…  The fabric for these is PRR Circus jersey which I dyed light yellow at his instruction (I showed him what colours I had and that’s the one he wanted).I used Kwik Sew Sewing for Children for the t-shirt with added length and Kwik Sew 1556 for the trousers with quite a bit of length added.

I have 2 more pairs of pyjamas planned to make for him and the pattern and fabrics out so hopefully I will get them done soon.

And finally this:

I started this t-shirt ages ago using New Look 6809.  I got to the point where all that was left was the neckband and the hem and then it all went wrong.  The neckband came out far far FAR too loose, so loose that it would have fallen off my shoulders completely had I tried to wear it.  Of course I had sewn it down before I checked and I just couldn’t face unpicking it at the time.  I also wasn’t sure how to fix the problem so I put it aside and have been pondering it now and then.

I was planning to cut a different pattern from the pieces and found one I wanted to use, Simplicity 4076.  However, when I lay out the pattern pieces I realise that as this is a raglan it wasn’t going to work.  Then I found the neckband pattern piece for that pattern and figured I’d give it a go and see if it fit.

The original pattern had ties above this opening at the back, but I just sewed the new neckband in a circle and put it on.  I didn’t bother with gathering at the front, I just stretched the pieces until they matched and kept sewing.

I’m happy with the way it came out, annoyed that it took so long to figure it out and do something about it (pure laziness again not wanting to take the time to unpick the old neckband) but it’s done now, even if I’m not sure that the fabric is as nice looking as I thought when I saw it on the bolt.

Hopefully there will be some more knitting to show in a week or so, I’m getting close to finishing something and hopefully I won’t get distracted and wander away from it again.  I’m being pretty monogamous with my knitting which is strange for me, but I’m not going to argue if it means I get things off the needles!


2 thoughts on “And Onwards…

  1. Do you ever have that freaky de ja vu moment on a blog and are you from New Zealand, too? I used this exact fabric which I bought almost a year ago to make a shift dress (New Look 6643). You can see photos on the blog. This post made me smile 🙂

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