Skirted and Pyjama’d Out!

More Kwik Sew 1556 pyjamas for Jim, this time using monster fabric that I got from Fabric Land in Brighton last summer.  These are so easy to make and he really loved the print.  I’m still using the pattern sized for 5 year olds and adding length to everything as he only ever seems to get taller and never bigger around!

Another New Look 6811 skirt with more fabric from Abakhan.  This fabric has a slight stretch to it which is nice and it’s quite a good weight but not too stiff.  I think I could do this pattern in my sleep now!

Same pyjama pattern as above but the shorts and short-sleeved shirt version for those hotter nights we occasionally get!  Jim loved these so much he immediately stripped off and put them on!  I added a few inches to the length of the shorts as they were a very 80’s length.  I love the way the buttons that I bought from Boyes ages ago fit right into the fabric (sorry the button photo is sideways!).

And the final New Look 6811 skirt for this summer, this one makes a total of 7 of them, I guess when I find a pattern I love I keep making it!  This is a Heather Ross fabric that I got from Sewing Supply Co-op years and years back when Sherrie was surface shipping a huge box of fabric to me every week.  I loved buying from her and got such great fabric, I do miss the co-op/surface shipping days, it’s just too expensive to buy fabric from the States right now with the bad exchange rate (for us!) and only being able to have it sent air mail…  Anyway, I have about another three yards of this fabric so you’ll be seeing it again one day!

Last month I won a competition with Onion Patterns by posting some of my Onion FO’s on Facebook.  For the prize I got 2 patterns and some notions.  I hardly ever win anything so I was very excited about it and the pattern on the left is already matched to some fabric and in the stack to be made.

And FINALLY (in more than one way) I am pleased to introduce you to Martha!

I started knitting Martha in March 2007 and finally finshed her off this afternoon.  The yarn is much brighter than the photo shows it but I wanted to get it photographed and into the drawer after taking so long to make it!

There is no reason that this cardigan should take over 3 years to knit.  I knit a sleeve and then just never got around to making the rest for some reason.  I then started to knit the back a few months back and then stalled again until I finally just got on with it.  The pattern isn’t complicated but it does suffer from the usual Rowan rubbish of ‘knit to x number of rows less than on back’, why the hell they just can’t give a measurement is beyond me, they make things more complicated than they need to be.

The pattern is from Rowan 37 and the yarn is Rowan 4 ply cotton which I assume I bought from Jeanette’s Rare Yarn when the exchange rate was much better (even though she’s in the UK she sells in dollars which means that it’s cheaper to buy Rowan elsewhere at the moment).  The colour is called Zest and I used 8 balls (plus a tiny bit of the 9th, a really tiny bit mainly for seaming).  The buttons are 7 different colours and came from a button co-op I took part in many years ago, it took a bit of hunting to find 7 different colours but I was very excited when I managed it!

My other complaint about Rowan patterns is that the blocking measurements are severely lacking.  For the back there was only a width of the bottom and a length of the entire back, no breaking it down to tell you how long the armholes should be or how wide it should be where the waist shaping is.  I just think it’s laziness and considering their reputation they really should offer more with their patterns.  Luckily I managed to block the sleeve caps and armhole openings the same size and these were the easiest sleeves I’ve ever set in.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately sewing and knitting wise, I’m getting on with other projects and now only have 1 long-term knitting project on the needles which I’m going to get on with after I finish the one I’m over halfway done with.  I’m still being pretty monogamous to my projects which is great as I’m seeing progress!

I’m doing well with my ‘sew more than I buy’ pledge as well, I have now sewn more than I’ve bought this year.  Of course in a few weeks I will be going to Fabric Land in Brighton again and expect to come away with a very large bag full, but at least I still have time to get that sewn this year and hopefully I won’t find too much more than I want to buy, I must cut the stash down a bit as I have run out of room for it and it’s hard to find things…

See you soon!


One thought on “Skirted and Pyjama’d Out!

  1. Hey there – great pics. I totally agree with you about Rowan patterns. So lazy of them to not bother to give you measurements and just say x number of rows. I make the same mistake every time of not checking for that blasted sentance, just blindly knit away and then – bah – my heart falls as I realise I didn’t make a note of how many rows I did on the first piece. Why should I though really – I’m paying quite a lot of money for a pattern, they could at least do that bit for me. I am a bit over Rowan pattens at the moment. There is so much fabulous stuff out there now it’s quite exciting – oh how time have changed.

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