When you’ve not blogged for a while

it’s hard to know where to begin again!

The summer holidays ended today, Jim went back to school and Piggle is supposed to start Nursery every afternoon from next Monday.  I say ‘supposed to’ as he’s got no interest at all in potty training and technically he’s should be completely potty trained before he starts, but I’ve spoken to his teacher and she says she’ll find out what the school policy is and get back to me…

We had a great summer with a trip to Brighton to see my sister and brother-in law and a few days away in a static caravan in Derbyshire including a trip to Chatsworth House which we all enjoyed.  I love having them both at home and was sad to have to take Jim to school today, Piggle was even sadder as he hates it when his brother isn’t around!

I have managed some crafting during the summer, My boys are now old enough that I can manage a bit of time upstairs in my sewing room while they’re downstairs playing or watching tv and of course knitting isn’t hard to fit in here and there!  Our house is small enough that I can hear them and it’s not far for them to come if they need me for something.

Although I’ve been making progress on a few projects I have only one knitting FO to show you which is Multnomah, a free pattern I found on Ravelry.

I used one skein of bamboo cotton from Yarntopia Treasures in the Olive Oil colourway for this and I’m really pleased with the way it came out.  It was a really simple knit, if you’re looking for a pattern for your first lace knitting then give this a go!  I didn’t block it as I like the way the edge is wavy and I couldn’t figure out how to block it so it stayed that way!

This picture actually shows the colours in a more true way

I am making good progress on my Central Park Hoodie which has been in the background since I cast on for it with only a few rows knit here and there.  I have now completed the back, a sleeve and about a third of the second sleeve and I’m enjoying the knit a lot.  I’ve also been working on my Mr Greenjeans which I re-titled Ms Pinkjeans as I’m using pink yarn for it.  I’ve taken the sleeve stitches off the needles and have just finished the final increases on the front edge, now it’s knitting straight for a few more inches and then the cable pattern begins.

Also, yesterday to avoid casting on a new project I picked up my Printed Silk Cardigan (I’m using Rowan 4ply cotton) which has been on the needles for almost 2 years now.  I thought the chart looked too confusing so I never got further than both sleeves and half the back.  It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and I got half a pattern repeat done last night.  Unfortunately I thought I could knit and half watch a film and I have somehow managed to gain an extra stitch and I can’t see where…  Hopefully it’s a simple thing that will become clear once I re-knit the row I ripped out earlier today…

I’ve also been working on and off on a pair of Sweetpea Socks after taking a little break from sock knitting.  I’m almost done with the first cuff and I’m liking the way they look.  They require a bit of attention as the yarn is a bit splitty (Panda Cotton) but I’ll get there in the end!

I will update my sewing soon, I’ve got quite a few things to show you!  It’s nice to be blogging again though and I intend to make my posts a lot more regular than they have been, hopefully that statement won’t be a curse!

PS if anyone in the UK has any Sirdar Just Soya yarn stashed and would like to clear it out I am searching for 10 balls of the Jamberry colour and 10 balls of the Spinach colour.  Of course I decided that I wanted this yarn a month after Hobbycraft were selling it for 99p a ball…


2 thoughts on “When you’ve not blogged for a while

  1. Nice to see you back Anna! I haven’t blogged for a while either and must get back to it – I do enjoy it.
    Hope Jim enjoys school and Piggle will enjoy nursery – can’t believe he’s that big already!

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