Shirt and Pyjamas

So, it’s time to catch up with some of my sewing projects!  I don’t want to make this a mammoth post so I will update a few things at a time until I’m caught up rather than dumping it all into one post!

First up is perhaps on of my favourite things that I’ve made in ages.

This is New Look 6962, view B.  I used some cotton lawn that I bought from Boyes for a very reasonable price.  Before I started sewing I was worried that the print was perhaps a bit too much for this type of shirt but I am extremely happy with the way that it came out and only wish we’d had better weather this summer so I could have worn it more, I think it only saw the outside world twice.

It was pretty simple to make, the changes I made to the pattern were using the length for view A (view B is supposed to have contrast fabric at the bottom), adding 2″ to the bodice front and back to allow for my large bust, using a double turned small hem on the sleeve rather than bias binding (bias binding in the UK is really stiff for some reason and doesn’t work so well for armhole in my opinion) and I also made a self fabric tie rather than using ribbon or cord.

I also used some of the pretty tie ends that I got from the Sew Onion competition.  I actually already had a few of these in my stash so it was nice to find something to put some on finally!

I didn’t take any length off the bottom to compensate for the length added at the top so this shirt is pretty long but I really like it that way.  I will use this pattern again next summer I’m sure!

Next up was another pair of pyjama bottoms.  I had a bit of a stash tidy as everything was a mess from pulling pieces out and replacing them and I couldn’t see a lot of what I had anymore.  Whilst re-folding I came across this piece of fabric and decided that you can never have enough bright fun pyjama bottoms so I quickly whipped up another cropped pair using Ottobre 4/05 #36.

I didn’t make any changes at all to the pattern this time, it’s an incredibly simple one with just 2 pieces and some elastic and a hem.

The print is a Michael Miller one I picked up in Abakhan years back, here’s a close-up in case you can’t see it well in the finished photo.

Kind of fitting for the summer we’ve had!  It was nice to get another piece of fabric into a useable garment, I’m still trying to sew more than I buy and I was doing really well until I went to Brighton and came home with 18 more metres!  However, as I very rarely visit fabric shops anymore I don’t think that was too bad and I should be able to sew more than I buy by the end of the year.

Whilst tidying up the sewing room I made a list of everything that I had fabric out for, for me and the boys, and put it all in neat piles with the pattern, fabric and any notions I need.  I had 43 things on my list in total when I started and I’ve managed to get about 6 or so done already which I’m happy about.  I’ve got a mixture of easy stuff (t-shirts and pyjamas for the boys which don’t take much time) and harder things (like the winter coat I never got around to making last year) along with a quilt that just needs some batting and the backing put on so hopefully I will manage to get it all done before I start adding to the list like I usually do!


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