T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt and T-shirt

These are the other 4 Kwik Sew Sewing for Children t-shirts to get Jim through the winter.  He wears a uniform to school so he only needs them in the evenings and at weekends.  He still has a few older ones that just fit and some sweatshirts so he should be fine to get through now.

The dinosaur fabric is a rib knit from a co-op ages ago and I have used it before for Jim, the boy loves dinosaurs.  The shark print is another repeat, I think I’ve used it for both boys before now, again it was from a co-op way in the past.  The cars is a PRR jersey I picked up from someone I know online clearing out their stash, I dyed it Denim Blue with Dylon.  The bugs and lizards print is another one on it’s third time out (maybe fourth!) and I bought it years ago from a co-op to use for cloth nappies when I was still making them to sell.  The bugs and the dinosaurs will get yet another use as I have some of it left, I think there may be some sharks left too, I can’t remember!

I added an inch and a half to the length of the body and the sleeves of the size 5 pattern and they fit Jim just right with a little growing room.  He really shot up during the summer so everything got too short for him.  I’ve been using the 5 year old pattern since he was 5, the boy seems to grow up but never out!

I like making these, sometimes it’s nice to have a little brainless sewing.  I couldn’t batch sew them as I had to use a different colour thread for each one but I actually am not a fan of batch sewing, I much prefer to see one garment done at a time.

I must get onto the winter pyjamas soon, the weather is definitely getting colder now and they’re both taller than they were last year so they’ll get cold ankles!

A while back I had a comment on my blog that threw me, someone asked when I was going to stop dressing my children in such childish prints.  I didn’t know how to reply to it.  I don’t think that children should dress like adults, their clothes should reflect the fact that they’re young and that they like toy cars, bugs and dinosaurs.  Jim is always excited when I make something with dinosaurs on it and is looking forward to some space pyjamas I’m going to do him soon.  A few weeks back the boy’s Dad bought Jim a black sweatshirt.  I try to avoid dressing my kids in black, I feel that they’ll have enough of that when they’re older, particularly if they end up wearing suits to work.  Jim and I looked at it for about 30 seconds and agreed that it was too plain.  Off we tromped into the sewing room and had a look through my applique basket and I ironed an owl onto the front of it for him.  Much more interesting, much more his age group and much more him.

Boys in particular are not catered to very well in the clothing market I don’t think (girls who don’t like pink are hard done by too).  Mainly all you can get is jeans, cargo pants, green, white, blue, grey, black and all t-shirts have some kind of slogan on the front of them.  I much prefer seeing my kids running around in bright colours wearing comfortable clothes that I’ve made for them.  They do wear the jeans and cargo pants but they’re just as likely to be worn with a bright t-shirt or sweatshirt that I made them that reflects what they like playing with at the moment (Piggle loves the green hooded sweatshirt with trains on it that I made for Jim when he was his age).

So, I will stop dressing my boys in such ‘childish’ clothing when they’re not children anymore, or when they decide that they don’t like what I want to make them (I always show them the fabric first and tell them what I’m going to do with it so they can say if they don’t like it before I put the effort in).  Until then expect a lot of bright prints!


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