More Sweaters Added

I remembered that I had forgotten to look through a box of handknits that was also in the cupboard.  After trying them on the following were moved to ‘can be worn now’ status!

Sienna Cardigan, finished January this year.

Ivy, finished November 20o5.  This has been worn in the past but after having Piggle it was too small so was put away.

Jenny, finished August 2006.  Again, this has been worn in the past but has come out of retirement!

Note to self:  Stop knitting waist length sweaters and cardigans.  They may be faster and may look nice in the pattern pictures but you NEVER feel comfortable wearing them so it’s a waste of time.  If you have to knit the pattern, ADD SOME DAMN LENGTH TO IT!


2 thoughts on “More Sweaters Added

  1. Ha! Waist length sweaters don’t look good on most of us who have HIPS!
    I love how you name your sweaters. I suppose when you spend months knitting a sweater, she starts to feel like family.
    – Susan

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