Green, Shiny and Frilly

I found some lovely green yarn with a lovely silver shiny fibre running through it from one of my favourite yarn dyers Motomo on Ebay. Even better it was on sale and I won it at the starting bid which is always lovely!

I found the pattern for the Ruffles and Ridges scarf /shawl a few months back in my pattern box and can’t remember where I bought it or how long I’ve had it.  What I did realise was that I had nothing in my stash that would work for it at all so I had been looking here and there waiting for something to come along and this yarn was the perfect fit.

The day it arrived I wound it into balls and cast on, which took some doing as you start with just under 850 stitches (and that’s the small version, if you do the large version it’s over 1,000!), it took me almost all day working here and there to get it done!  The first ten rows or so also take a lifetime until you reduce down after the ruffle and it just keeps getting smaller and faster from there on in which is always nice!

The shawl is reversible which is always handy and the pattern is pretty easy, although I did realise right at the end that I had been doing the decreases wrong, but at least they are consistent throughout!

I love the ruffle, it’s just so much fun, especially as it’s shiny and sparkly with the metallic thread running through it (which you can’t see that well in the pictures).  The green is just the perfect shade too, nice and bright but not neon.

Now I just have to make the winter coat that I didn’t get around to last year to go with it, I already have a green hat my Dad bought me last year!

I’m almost done with Ms Pinkjeans, I’m on the cuff of the first sleeve and expect to finish that today and pick up the stitches for the second one.  I did end up going up to a 5mm needle size for it and it looks so much better, I will have to remember that for the future.  I am so looking forward to working on some different projects, I’m doing Socktober once again after a break of a few years and I have 2 pairs that I’d like to get done by the end of the month.  I’ve also decided which of my WIPs will be next to get some attention once this cardigan is done and I’m itching to get going.  I will be back down to having 8 things on the needles which is the number I try to maintain, but I have some new yarn coming that I’m very excited about (hopefully it will be here today) so I may cheat a little and swatch and I’ve also swatched for a jumper/sweater as the other morning I really wanted to wear one and discovered that I only seem to have cardigans in my drawer at the moment.

The boys are with their Dad this weekend so I’m excited about getting some sewing done.  I have some easy stuff that I want to get cut out so I can do a seam here and there during the week and I also have several things that I want to see sewn up so I expect to be spending some serious time in my sewing room over the weekend and will hopefully have a couple of things to show you by Monday!

The weight loss is going ok.  I’ve had 2 weeks where all I have wanted to do is eat all the time.  I think it’s the weather, being tired and feeling a little bit down.  I need to spend some time really figuring out what has set it off.  I have managed not to always give in to it though and the last two weeks I lost 1.1 lbs and then .9 lbs which averages out as a pound a week which isn’t too bad considering I’m not forcing myself to eat ‘diet’ food, going to the gym or exercising at all actually or telling myself constantly that I can’t have things that I want.  I’m still getting back to people on the comments that were left on my post about being a compulsive eater but thank you everyone who left a comment, I will continue to keep you updated on how I’m doing and talk about it here and there as I figure things out.

The boys are off school today so I’m going to be doing some serious knitting as the weather is horrible, so off I go!


2 thoughts on “Green, Shiny and Frilly

  1. I love that green shawl! It’s so pretty! I was just thinking about doing a test knit of a hat for Herbivore Knits – and now I’m thinking that that’s just the colour I need…Thanks!

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