October Has Blown By

Not sure at all where this month has gone, I feel like I’ve been busy busy busy but I don’t seem to have much to show for it, although I do have a build-up of FO’s to show you so I must have been up to something!

First up is Ms Pinkjeans, made using the Knitty pattern Mr Greenjeans, this should make my name change make sense

I used Patons Vintage yarn in the colourway Scorched and I’m really happy with the way it turned out, plus it fits!  It could probably do with a little bit of blocking but I think wearing it will block it out as much as it needs.  The yarn is acrylic with different colour cotton threads wound around it which gives it the variegated shades.  I enjoyed working with the yarn so much that I bought another colourway of it to use for something else, of course it’s been discontinued, the ones I like always are!

Here’s a close-up of the button which I thought reflected the cables a little bit

It is a little smaller than the pattern called for so I did a 2 stitch buttonhole rather than 3 and it seems as if it will stay closed.

Next up knitting wise I knocked out a dishcloth in 2 days using some Coats Magicline yarn in a colourway that my Mother would refer to as being ‘fun’!

It’s a free pattern that you can find here on Ravelry.  I did more repeats than the pattern called for to use up the yarn as there’s really not a lot you can do with leftover dishcloth cotton is there?

I am making huge progress on the American Safari Hoodie, I cast on for it back in August and then put it down after knitting about 4 inches of it.  I couldn’t do the cast on for the hood with the yarn I’m using so I did a crochet cast on, and it turned out that I hadn’t done it right as I had to pull out the yarn one stitch at a time so I could graft the hood together!  It took forever but luckily it looks ok and once I knew that I wouldn’t have to rip it out and start again I kept on going.  It’s knit in the round and I’ve done the sleeves and the ribbing around the hood so I know how much yarn I have left for length, now it’s just a case of going round and round and round until it’s how long I’m happy with or I run out of yarn.

I’m almost done with a plain pair of socks too, didn’t achieve as much as I wanted during Socktober, I was hoping to get 2 pairs of socks off the needles, but I may still get one of the second pair done which will hopefully inspire me to get the other one going and off the needles.

I frogged the A Good Bias shrug that I was working on, I realised that my lack of interest in working on it came from the fact that I was never actually going to wear it.  I just don’t do shrugs, they’re not comfortable and they don’t suit my figure at all.  I immediately went onto Ravelry and managed to find another pattern to use the yarn for so it’s not going to sit there forever projectless and it will be much better use for it!

Sewing has been done here and there, usually at the weekends now and never for long enough to make me happy but I have other things that I’m trying to concentrate on now so it has had to move to the back burner.  It’s much easier to fit knitting into my daily routine as I can sit and knit on something after the boys come home from school before I need to make dinner and then once they’re asleep I’m usually too tired to sew anything so I sit and knit with some tv or a movie or just some music until I’m ready for bed.

I did make this dressing gown using Simplicity 7363 which is from 1967.

I used killington flannel which I dyed in the washing machine.  Unfortunately the closures don’t actually work very well so I think I’m going to go back and do some buttonholes as it’s incredibly annoying having it come undone all the time.  I love the details of vintage patterns, modern ones wouldn’t have you do darts at the front or at the top of the sleeves!  This fits me just fine and will get worn a lot this winter once I sort out the button issues.

I followed one vintage pattern with another to make this shirt.

The fabric is a lovely delicate cotton with faded flowers on it.  The pattern is from a company called Sue Burnett and I have no idea when it dates from but I’m guessing it was during or after a World War judging by the fact that it called for so few buttons.  At present this shirt is hanging in my sewing room as I’m going to add another 2 buttons to the front.  Unfortunately I don’t have enough of one kind of button style to do the whole shirt, they are vintage too from my Great Aunt’s never ending stash, so I will use a different one of the same colour at the top which I think will look ok.  I’ll try and remember to take a picture once I get around to adding them.

This shirt does fit me too which was a bit of a surprise as all the pattern said was ‘Large’ and it didn’t give any measurements!  It was one of those projects that I just really wanted to try whatever the outcome, sometimes it’s nice to make for the sake of making, but it is an added bonus if it’s wearable at the end!

I wanted to do something quick and simple next so I pulled out this jacket from Butterick 5225 which only has 2 pattern pieces.  I still managed to cut it out wrongly though through not paying attention and had to re-cut the back!

Sorry that second one of the back is sideways, WordPress wouldn’t let me save it the right way up for some reason.  As you can see from the bottom picture this is a pretty interesting fabric, it’s threads on top of a natural linen background.  The collar of the jacket is the wrong side of the fabric.  I’m not entirely happy with the way the hem is turned onto the outside of the collar but I can’t see how else it would work, if it was turned the other way it would look odd at the bottom where the wrong side would show.  Anyway, I like the way it’s come out and it will be nice to layer with a long sleeve t-shirt.  I have the same fabric with an orange thread on it to use at some point in the future too.  And yes, it does fit me now, I’m on a streak at the moment it would seem!

The pajama factory continues with these two pairs I made for Jim yesterday (the boys have been with their Dad since Friday, they come home tomorrow).  He has had pajama envy over the ones I’ve made Piggle and has been asking for weeks when it will be time for his new pajamas!

The bottoms for both are killington flannel and the tops are from PRR jersey, I dyed all the fabric myself.  The bottoms of the space ones were supposed to be the same light blue but I had one of those difficult dyeing experiences where because the killington was natural rather than white they came out green, so I threw them back in with some grey dye instead.

I have 3 more pairs of pajamas to do for this winter, I’m going to go up and cut out 2 pairs now so I can get them crossed off my never ending list!

I have continued to loose weight and am now down under 200 lbs for the first time in 2 years, I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got on the scales last week and saw 198.8, it feels like it’s been a long time coming!  I’ve now lost about 1/3 of the total weight I’d like to lose and it’s coming off at about a pound a week which I think is pretty healthy.  Things that didn’t fit me to start with are now too loose, the jeans I hadn’t fit in for years now need a belt, it’s pretty crazy but also very exciting and encouraging.  I need to make sure I don’t fall into the trap I have done so many times before of slacking off because I feel thinner.  I am thinner but I have a long way to go before I’m truly at a healthy weight for my 5’5″ frame.

And finally, I pulled out this Picovoli which I knit way back in 2006.  I was intending to frog it and use the yarn for something else but decided on a whim to throw it on and see what I thought of it now.  It fits me so much better now than it did in the photograph in the link and I wore it over a long sleeve black t-shirt the next day and am really liking it!  So, that’s another knitted garment added to my list of things I can now wear and it can live in the bedroom instead of stuffed into the back of a drawer with my yarn stash!

Hopefully I’ll be back sooner next time so show you some more FO’s.


3 thoughts on “October Has Blown By

  1. I totally agree with you about October flying by…everything is lovely – I really like the dressing gown – too bad about the buttons…

  2. Love your Ms. Pinkjeans (cute) sweater! Your 60’s dressing gown is darling too. Button closures like that look so cute, but they aren’t very practical. I’ve had the same problem with some clothes that I have.

    You are doing so great with your weight loss! 1/3 of the way to your goal – woo hoo! My weight has been moving in the other direction, unfortunately. Maybe if I announce a weight loss goal on my blog, I’ll be more likely to stick to it.
    – Susan

  3. Well done on the weightloss Anna, really good! I recognise that ‘I’ve done well so I can take it easier’ attitude. Not good.
    Haven’t forgotten your parcel/box, just that life’s been a bit manic. It doesn’t help that the box and the fabrics are in separate houses at the moment!

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