Last of the October FOs

Finally took some pictures of my knitting FO’s for October.

I took part in Socktober again but didn’t get as much done as I wanted.  I was hoping to finish off 2 pairs of socks but instead I only managed one and a half pairs and to cast on for 2 more socks…

I’ve had this yarn in my stash for years now so it was nice to finally use it up.  It’s SockPixie Vegan Sock in the colourway Plus Bleu.  This yarn is discontinued now sadly as it was nice to work with and knit up into a thicker sock than it looked like it would.  I have 2 more skeins of it, well, one and a bit as I’ve started another pair and I am keeping an eye out on Ravelry in case anyone sells some more of it.

I did my standard 72 stitch 2.25mm plain socks, for these I used my metal dpns and for the ones I’m working on at the moment I’m using bamboo.  The current ones are going much faster than those on the metal needles did and it’s much easier on my hands so I don’t think the metal ones will see the light of day for a while.

And another finished sweater for the year.

It looks better on someone with arms!  I started this in August and put it down after a few inches of the hood but when I picked it up again I got a little bit obsessed with it and managed to knock the whole thing out in about 3 weeks which is pretty amazing for me, normally I do a little here and a little there but I pretty much worked on just this and some socks during that period!

The pattern is American Safari Hoodie from Knitscene Winter 07 /  Spring 08 and the yarn is Sublime Soya Cotton from Kemps in the colour Pool.  I really enjoyed working with this yarn, it’s really soft, a little splitty but not too terrible.  What was annoying was that every single ball had a knot in it and some had 2.  I understand the industry standard allows there to be knots but it’s still not great to have it over and over again.

I knit the sleeves and ribbing around the hood after I’d knit just one ball of the body (it’s knit from the top of the hood down) so I knew how much yarn I would have left as I wanted it longer than the pattern called for.  In the end I knit an extra 3 inches to the length making it 16″ from the underarm down and I still had just over a ball left out of the 11 I bought.  Besides that I didn’t make any changes to it beyond grafting the top of the hood together as the yarn was too splitty to make the suggested cast-on work.

Both these projects have gone right into the chest of drawers to be worn right away.  Due to illness (one boy after the other and then me)  I gained back most of the weight I lost last week this week, but I was kind of expecting it and I feel so rubbish that I don’t actually have the energy to be upset about it.  I will make more of an effort this week to get back on track.

Currently I have four different knitting projects sitting on my desk that I’m picking up and doing a few rows on as I feel like working on them.  I’d like to finish another pair of socks and another sweater of some sort this month so I need to pick a sweater project and stick to it, trouble is I haven’t decided yet which sweater project that will be, there are 3 or 4 in the running!

I didn’t get any more sewing done and at the moment what with being  ill so don’t see myself getting up there for a few days yet.  The boys are supposed to be going to their Dad’s this weekend if I feel well enough to drive them so maybe I’ll have some FOs to show you next week.


3 thoughts on “Last of the October FOs

  1. The hoodie is great!
    I thought of you the other day when I was on a mission to find decent pajama bottoms. I could not! I thought of how you can make yourself whatever your heart desires.

  2. Anna you are so talented! I had no idea you were such a knitting pro – why oh why don’t we live closer? I would love to learn to knit like you – that hoodie is so beautiful, I could never find one like that in a store.

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