Let’s Wrap This Sucker Up

Happy New Year to you all!  2010 was not a brilliant year for anyone in my family so I think we’re all just hoping that 2011 will be better.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions really so my only wish for this year is to be happy, hopefully that will be doable!

I will have some projects to show you over the next few days, the final knitting and sewing of 201o, but following tradition I will do my yearly roundup of what I made.

I didn’t do too badly with the knitting this year, in total I finished 30 projects which is pretty damn good.  I didn’t reach my goal of making 12 pairs of socks, but I will try again this year and see if I can work my way through my stash a bit, although I have no idea where I would put another 12 pairs of hand knit socks and my sock drawer hardly shuts as it is…

So, the knitting/crochet totals for the year are:

1 crochet blanket

1 Christmas Stocking

8 cardigans

1 kitchen mat

6 shawls/scarves

1 pair fingerless mits

3 jumpers (1 for Jim)

8 pairs of socks

1 dishcloth

Sewing wise my goal each year is to sew more fabric than I buy.  I just squeaked by this year having bought 72 yards/metres and sewing 74 7/12 yards/metres!  I’m hoping to do better with that next year and get the stash down a bit, not because I feel I have too much fabric but because there is so much nice stuff in there that I should use rather than just looking at it.

So, this year I made

1 knitting needle roll

2 sandwich wraps

1 dressing gown

1 pair kids dungarees

1 bag

4 aprons

11 pairs of kids pyjamas

2 jackets

9 shirts

8 kids t-shirts/sweatshirts

2 t-shirts for me

2 pairs of pyjama bottoms for me

5 skirts

2 dresses

2 pairs of trousers

That’s a total of 53 things making their way out of the sewing room, not too shabby but there were whole months in the year when I didn’t venture in there.  I used about 25 yards/metres less of fabric this year than last year where I made 123 things (Piggle was smaller so it took less fabric to sew for him!).  I do want to get back on my sewing form.  I’m still defining my style and changing the way that I dress and look so there is plenty of room for me to make new things to fit how I want to present myself, and there’s always the dreaded pyjamas that need to be sewn!

In knitting I finished over double the projects this year than last year.  That could also have had an impact on my sewing as I only have so much time to spend making things and I haven’t yet figured out how to knit and sew at the same time (I’m working on that one and will let you know when I master it).

As I said, I’ll be back to show you the final FO’s of 2010, but for now I’m off to start this year with a nap!  Thanks to you all for reading and commenting over the last year, blogging is something that makes me happy, especially the interaction and relationships that I have gained through it, so I hope to do a lot more of it this year than I managed last.  Here’s hoping you all have a great year ahead of you!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap This Sucker Up

  1. Goodness! You have been a very productive fish indeed! That’s so wonderful, you’ve made so much and have kept such good track of it, too. I used to keep close track, but I’ve only just realised I haven’t in so long – I must have stopped in 2009. Well, back on track for me in 2011…and I do so wish I lived close to you, I would pay you in dinners and baked yummies for knitting lessons!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you and your family have not had a great 2010 – I really hope that 2011 is much much better for you all. Well done on all your fo’s I’m most impressed – I hardly seem to finish anything these days ! Have a lovely January xxxxx

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