Another Short Sleeved Cardigan

I really don’t know what it is with all the short-sleeved cardigans I’m knitting.  I guess I just like the style and for some reason have picked a few in a row out of my queue to knit.  It’s just a bit amusing that I’m making them now when it’s too cold to actually wear them, but I guess I’ll be ready for the English summer where some sort of cardigan is required!

Again with the great naming of patterns from Drops this is 111-7 Jacket with Raglan.  It is brought to you courtesy of the first series of Supernatural which I watched as soon as Blockbuster sent me each disc.  I was a bit tired of the time it was taking to get the discs so I bought myself the box set of series 1-5, I see a lot more knitting in my future (no spoilers please)!

The yarn is Patons Vintage which is the yarn that I used for my Ms Pinkjeans cardigan, the colourway this time is Acidic.  I bought it from Kemps for 69p a ball and used 9 and a tiny bit of the 10th ball, so under £7 for a cardigan, can’t beat that!

I seem to be on some sort of high-speed knitting kick at the moment what with Owls taking such a short time and knitting this in under a month.  I cast on Christmas Eve so I would have something simple to work on back and forth during the holidays and finished it a few days ago.

I had a hard time figuring out what kind of buttons to use on this and in the end resorted to randomly grabbing buttons out of my button box and holding them up to the cardigan.  I think the black works really well though and as I’ll probably be wearing it with a black t-shirt underneath anyway it will look quite good.  The colours aren’t my normal ones, although there is green and teal in there (I tried to take a picture to show the colours better but it’s so gloomy here it didn’t really work), but I think over jeans and the mentioned black t-shirt it will be fine.

I only made two tiny changes to the pattern and that was to add 2 rows to the neckband and making 2 stitch buttonholes rather than 1 stitch.  I added the rows to the neckband simply because the buttons I picked were so big that it would have poked over the top if I’d stopped any sooner.  I guess it was a good thing I picked the buttons before I cast off!

This fits really well and I am really happy with the way it came out.  I was convinced there was no way I had enough yarn but I was proved wrong, which is always nice when it comes to yarn.

I currently have 6 projects on the needles and I don’t want to get my WIP’s any higher than that.  It’s nice to actually finish things off rather than to feel like you’re working on things that never end.  The method to my knitting madness is to have one project that is my ‘main’ one, i.e. that I’m trying to finish off next and that I pick up whenever I have time for an extended time to knit.  The other projects I pick up here and there as I feel I need some variety.  The main project at the moment is the Central Park Hoodie which for some reason has been on the needles for almost a year.  It’s not a hard knit and I think it just kept getting bumped to the end of the list.  I’ve knit one sleeve and the back and am about a third of the way up the second sleeve so hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.

I also pulled out my Babette Blanket again which has been hibernating.  I got to a point where I really needed to connect the squares I’d made so I could easily pull it out to see what colours to use for the next section.  It actually didn’t take very long at all to sew together the first 4 sections and I’m really happy with the way it’s looking.  It needs a good soak and a blocking at the linen yarn I’ve used for some squares is a bit stiff and isn’t quite the same gauge as every other yarn but I think it’s going to look really nice and I hope to keep working on it now I’ve picked up the crochet hook again.

I felt the need for a project that wasn’t green and I wanted to knit some more lace so I cast on for a Link scarf using some of the bamboo laceweight that I had in my stash.  It’s so soft to knit with and I’m almost done with the edging and ready to start the first pattern repeat.

The other 3 projects are a cardigan for Piggle using some khaki acrylic yarn, it has cables down the front and sleeves but the back is plain and I’m about halfway done with knitting that piece.  He approved the pattern and the yarn and every time he sees me knitting asks if it’s for him so I guess I’d better get on with it!  I’m making Biarritz in Sublime Soya Cotton, I seem to have ended up using the same colour yarn as the pattern does which doesn’t happen very often, it wasn’t intentional, I just bought what Kemps had reduced the price on!  Finally, I’ve started another pair of socks, using the Marian pattern and some brown variegated Maizy.  I want to try to see if I can do the 12 pairs of socks in a year that I tried to do last year, but considering that I’ve only knit the cuff of one sock so far on this pair and we’re halfway through January already I may start off a little bit behind!

My other knitting/sewing goal for the year is to get through the projects that I have planned.  My knitting queue has 30 patterns matched up with yarn waiting to be made, and that doesn’t include my sock or laceweight yarn!  I want to try to avoid buying too much yarn this year, obviously I won’t be passing up a good deal (there are a few more colours of the soya cotton I’m waiting to drop to a lower price and patterns in mind for them) but I don’t need to buy as much as I have been the past few years.  As for fabric, there’s really no more room for it in the sewing room and I have a high stack of fabric matched with patterns to get through.  I really want to make more for the boys as I have so much kids fabric, I have a few plans, I just need to get going on them.

Still no sewing but I did spend some time in the sewing room over the weekend tidying and re-writing my list of projects.  I’m excited about what I’ve got planned, just need to get back up there!  The boys are with their Dad this weekend so I will hopefully get something done, that is if I don’t just sit watching Supernatural and knitting!


4 thoughts on “Another Short Sleeved Cardigan

  1. That link scarf looks so beautiful! I would love to be able to do something like that, someday…

    Very cute cardigan – it does seem you are on a short-sleeved roll my dear.

    You’ve got to share a picture of your yarn stash- I’m sure I would be in such envy! I have just a few skeins, maybe 5 or 6, and I can only imagine what you’ve got lying around! 😉 It is nice, though, to be able to start a project without having to run to market!

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