January Socks All Done!

As I said I’d like to try again at my self challenge of knitting a pair of socks every month this year ( I managed 8 last year after flaking out for a few months in the middle).  I have plenty of sock yarn, let’s face it, especially as I’ve just bought another 6 balls from people on Ravelry willing to part with yarn I can’t find around here…

These socks are called Marian and it’s a free pattern available through Ravelry.  I wanted something simple but interesting to go with this Maizy yarn in the Earth colourway.

I finished these off yesterday after some determined effort on the second sock over the weekend.  It’s basically a simple rib repeated in a staggered way, simple to memorise and easy to knit but pretty effective I think.

I’m really happy with the way these came out, I’ve never knit a brown pair of socks before that I can recall (not for me anyway) so it’s nice to finally have a pair.

As soon as these were off the needles I cast on for my February socks only to discover this morning that the pattern didn’t work with the yarn I want to knit with so I found a different one and have cast on again.

My Central Park Hoodie is coming along really well, I’m just waiting for the fronts to dry from their wet blocking and then I can get on with the hood.  I want to put a zip in it so I need to figure out the right length and see if I can get one tomorrow.  I’m going to experiment with putting the zip in using my sewing machine as my hand sewing sucks, if anyone has any experience of this I’d love to hear it, I’m thinking maybe the walking foot will help to stop the knit fabric stretching too much.

Beyond that I’m almost at the armhole decreases of Piggle’s cardigan, have begun the pattern repeats on Link and done a tiny bit of work on Barritz and the Babette blanket.  I’m happy with how I’m getting on and it’s nice to see progress on things.  The blanket and the hoodie are the only projects that haven’t been cast on for this year which is pretty damn good and it’s fun to plan what I want to work on next now that I’m seeing things completed much more quickly.

Still no sewing, I just wasn’t feeling it when the boys were away last time.  Maybe I will be this weekend and can get something done.  My lack of enthusiasm wasn’t helped by a burning desire to watch as much Supernatural as possible (I’m now on series 5 and dreading reaching the end) and of 2 lots of fabric I had matched with patterns not actually being wide enough.  We’ll see how it goes next time around!



4 thoughts on “January Socks All Done!

  1. Kathryn says:

    TECHknitter had a really interesting article in Interweave Knits this quarter about putting zippers in with a latch hook—no sewing involved. I believe that there’s a demo video on the magazine’s website, if you can’t find the print version.

  2. I was going to recommend the TECHknitter article too! It looks really good (haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’m saving it for when I do need to put a zip into some knitting).

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