A Year In The Making

I really wanted to finish off my Central Park Hoodie in January, when I went to mark it on Ravelry as finished I discovered that I cast on exactly a year ago today, which means that for some unknown reason it took a whole year to make this.

Apparently it took me 3 seconds to hang it wonkily on the dressform to take an awful picture of it that makes it look like I sewed the zip in with my eyes closed.  In fact, I sewed it in using my sewing machine and after worrying about it and thinking it would be a pain in the ass it took all of five minutes.  It is actually even and straight, even though it doesn’t look it in the picture.

More pictures of cables.

As you can see if you look closely at the hood I grafted it together rather than casting off and then sewing it together.  The hood being sewn together was the only thing I didn’t like about the pattern.  Because I’d grafted it I did the ribbing all in one go rather than half at a time with a seam in the middle, it was one hell of a lot of stitches but I got there in the end.  The only thing I would change about this knit is to carry on with the hood a few more rows to get another cable twist closer to the middle, but I’m not annoyed enough by it to do anything about it!

The yarn is Patons Washed Haze Aran which is discontinued and I managed to score for something like 59p a ball.  The price needed to be good as this thing took 17 balls!  The colour is Celery and I love it, it fits and I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

And whereas the knit took me a full year the sewing took me less than a day from cutting out to finished garment.

The pattern for this is called the Santa Monica T-Shirt and I’ve used it before, although not for years.  I wanted something simple and quick to get me back into the sewing swing and I hope this has worked.  If not at least I have a nice bright t-shirt in my drawer, I seem to be wearing plain coloured ones all the time at the moment and I’m boring myself.

Oddly the picture makes it look like I managed to match the pattern on the raglan seams, but I didn’t.  I did try but it just didn’t work out.  It almost matches on the side seams and sleeve seams.  I need to work on not just matching stripes but caring enough to take the time to match them, I just can’t get worried enough about it to bother!

The t-shirt fits too so it’s a win and I’m looking forward to it brightening up one of the many dull February days we have to face.


5 thoughts on “A Year In The Making

  1. That sweater is amazing! It’s so beautiful, I am all kinds of jealous. If you lived closer I’d break into your house and steal all your amazing jumpers and cardigans. Really.

  2. I’m very jealous of your skills. I enjoy knitting but hate anything too complicated and really hate the sewing up part! What is grafting? Is this a way of getting out of sewing? (lol). I love the bright colours in your t-shirt and that hoodie looks so comfy!

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