Don’t Say It Too Loudly, But I Think My Sewing Mojo May Be Back…

From 2 projects in 2 months to 3 in 2 days, not a bad acceleration for my sadly lacking sewing, and I have to say it feels good to be back on the sewing horse and I’m really happy that I feel like sewing again.

I got the urge to sew something on Thursday, so that afternoon while Piggle was at school I went upstairs, threw aside the half-finished projects that I didn’t feel like working on and picked something bright, shiny and new from the pile of projects waiting to be made.  I cut it out, overlocked one pice and sewed on seam and then promptly got distracted by a new crochet project and spent the rest of the day working on that whenever I could (more details to follow on that one!).

The boys were with their Dad this weekend so Saturday I made some coffee and headed right up to the sewing room first thing.  The shirt should have been quick but it turned out to take longer than I thought it would and it was a bit of a pain in the ass.  I do love the look of the front of this style of shirt but man do I find them a bitch to sew, I never ever get them right the first time and this one is of the ‘please don’t look too closely’ school of sewing for sure.

This is New Look 6937 using fabric I got from Fabricland in Brighton last summer.  I added 2 inches in length and made a size 18.  After struggling with the front I put the shirt on and realised that the neckline was way way WAY too wide, we’re talking falling off my shoulders wide.  I didn’t want to unpick it all and couldn’t figure out what I would do with it even if I did unpick it so I did a quick bodge job and made pleats at the top of the sleeves using the pleat markings from the shirt front.

I probably should have made them bigger and I may go back in the future after wearing it and change them as you can see it’s still pretty wide from a closer shot.

I know this shirt looks really big on the dressform, I just realised that I had set it smaller so I could put the dress on it while I was working on it and forgot to put it back up to my measurements before taking these photos (I made it bigger when fitting the next project).  It isn’t as baggy on my as it looks here I promise!

The buttons were from a co-op many many moons ago.  This view of the pattern is supposed to have little loops to go around the buttons but I find those a real pain to sew and they never look right or stay closed so I just sewed the buttons on and left those off.  Anyway, I will either need to secure the shirt to my brastraps somehow, wear a tank top underneath or fix the width of the neckline, we’ll see how I feel when I have a chance to wear it.  It does fit and I love the pattern on the fabric so if I can fix the neckline issue and the weather co-operates this shirt will be worn.

I was thinking about what to make next from my long list and pulled out a dress that I started working on a few months back.  It’s odd for me to have UFO’s, once I start sewing something I normally carry on with it until it’s done.  For some reason I had 3 UFO’s in the sewing room (that doesn’t include things that are cut out, I only consider them UFO’s if I’ve started sewing them).  I put this aside because it required a zip, I wasn’t sure how the facings were going to work out and I knew it wouldn’t fit me as my weight has been going the wrong way for the last few months.

This is Butterick 5347 made using fabric from Abakhan and a honking huge button I bought specially for it from Boyes.  This pattern is rated as an Easy one and it was easy, I just hadn’t sewn in a zip for a *really* long time, but it went in first go so I needn’t have worried about it.  I sewed the hem with the machine rather than sewing it by hand as I abhor hand sewing and it’s not a posh frock so it didn’t need a posh hem!

The fold isn’t going to stay folded, you can tell that without wearing it, but I think it will still be ok once I can get into it.  I will probably need a slip under it and no doubt need to protect it from sticky hands and coffee spillage but thems the breaks with a white dress!

Finally, another ‘quick’ project that took longer than it should.  For this I used McCalls 4872 which I’ve had for ages and ages but never used I don’t think (the view I used, C, was cut out but I don’t recall ever using it, sometimes I cut out the paper pattern and then change my mind!).  I realised from the picture and pattern that the neckline was going to be an issue and be too wide so I cut it an inch narrower.  However, I forgot to cut the back the same so when I sewed the shoulders together I had to stretch the back to fit.

The real issues came to light when I tried it on after putting in the sleeves and sewing the side and sleeve seams.  Luckily I’d ignored the pattern and attached the sleeves flat rather than in the round as they wanted me to as it made it easier to do the alterations I ended up doing.  I should have made a size smaller than I did (I made the XL which was supposed to come out to my bust size with no ease according to the pattern) and the armholes came down really really low under the arms.

To correct the width and underarm issues I started taking it in a bit at a time on one side until I had a fit that I liked.  I then copied the markings to the other side and sewed that and then used the overlocker to remove the almost 2 inches from under the arm and half an inch from each side seam.

The sleeves are bell shaped, but they were a bit wide for me so I took about half an inch out of each of them all the way down when I was doing the alterations.

They’re still quite bit but not as extreme as they were.

That is a close-up of the fabric as the other photos are a little blurry.  I didn’t make any attempt to match this pattern as the stripes were so thin.  I’m glad I didn’t as what I figured to be an hour long project turned into a 3 hour project and there were broken needles and shouting at skipped stitches with my double needle when I was trying to hem.

However, I stuck to it and didn’t just get up and walk away like I have been doing recently whenever an issue arises (thus the UFOs).  Before leaving the sewing room I pulled out the next project I would like to finish up.  It’s an apron that is about a third done and should be quite quick to get off the pile and list once I get to work on it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you that soon.

It was so nice to be sewing again and I’m going to try to fit some in during the week if I can.  There are a lot of things calling out for my attention at the moment and I find it hard to fit them all in but I would like to fit more sewing in for sure so I need to figure out what I’m going to be doing less of to make it happen.  I think it may come down to doing less knitting and crocheting to fit in the sewing, we’ll see, as long as I get to do some of both I’ll be happy.

Knitting FO’s to show you soon!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Say It Too Loudly, But I Think My Sewing Mojo May Be Back…

  1. cindy lou who says:

    I have been reading your website for a while. I find you inspiring in that you do push forward and are completing your sewing/knitting/craft projects. Hmmm time for a little push on this end. First got interested in your crafts from a sock patterns of yours you shared. Thanks for inspiring, Cindy

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