Minor Crochet Blanket Obsession In Progress

So, as I mentioned in a previous post I re-thought a knitting project and turned it into a crochet project.  The project in question was my sock yarn throw, otherwise known as ‘I can’t throw all this yarn away so what the hell do I do with it?!?’.

See, I’ve not got large feet and I don’t like the cuffs of my hand knit socks any longer than about 7 inches, which means I always have quite a bit of yarn left over when I’d done making a pair.  I’ve been throwing it in a bag for years and a couple of years ago I thought to myself ‘Self, you could make a blanket from all of this’.

So one day I thought about how to do that and started knitting strips 3″ wide from the yarn.  I knit about 15 or so strips and then got very very bored.  I also realised that one day I would somehow have to connect all these strips together, and while it might look cool when it was done, it was going to go WAY over my boredom threshold before getting there.

In a split second of inspiration I realised that it would be much faster and much less boring to just crochet the yarn into a blanket.  So that’s what I’ve begun to do in single bed width and it’s coming along swimmingly.

I’m using double crochet (the American double crochet) and a 4mm hook making a stitch into the space between the stitches which is giving it a really nice look.  I am just tieing on the new yarn whenever I reach the end of the old one and using up all of each shade in one go (which is why that one near the top pools and then doesn’t pool). I’m not too proud to say that the stitch pattern came about totally by mistake, I thought I was doing double crochet into each stitch and then realised that I was actually doing it completely wrong, but I liked the way it looked.

I’ve been trying to break up the colours but it’s kind of difficult as I’ve knit one hell of a lot of green socks and a lot of pink socks apparently.  I’ve only got 3 plain yarns to work in, the rest all all variegated.  It’s damn bright, just like I like my socks!

There are some errors in this blanket, places where I’ve done two stitches into the space, one place where I actually skipped a space and the edge is not straight as it took me a few inches to figure out how to do each end and then I was too far along to be bothered to correct it, I will do something about it when I do the edging (which will be black I think ). My rule is that if it’s more than a row back from where I am when I notice the mistake that I don’t rip back.  Life is too short, and if someone is examining my blanket that closely then they have far too much time on their hands.

I thought to start with that it was going to take forever and I’d not have enough yarn for the whole blanket, but I’m thinking now that I may actually have enough to finish it and I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve been working on it as much as I will allow myself (if I let myself I’d not move from the chair and it’d be done by now…).

Another reason that this crochet blanket has taken top slot in my crochet rotation is because the Granny Stripe Blanket and I have been on a time out.

Now, I am enjoying making it, I like the width, I like the colours and I like the way it’s looking.  It’s easy, all double crochet (American terms) and I only have to count to 3 (sometimes I get that wrong but I forgive myself).  I finished the first colour repeat and joyfully moved onto the second, then I measured it.  I checked the pattern information and the information on the designers FO and discovered that she hadn’t made a full-sized blanket.  Hers is about half the length of a bed and she’d only used 10 balls of yarn for it.  I had 17 colours, 4 repeats from each ball (going by my kitchen scales) and that would make the finished blanket 42″ plus however wide I want to make the border.

I tried not to let it bug me, I really did.  I carried on and did a few more rows, told myself that I could put it on sideways with the stripes running top to bottom as it’s wide, but in the end I just couldn’t take it.  Today I went online and ordered another 8 colours, I have the khaki left over from Piggle’s sweater that I can use as a 9th.  That should give me another 24″ in length making it a total of 68″ plus the border, big enough to lie on a double bed and not look like it shrunk in the wash.  I also ordered 2 balls of black to do the border in.

So, at some point I need to go and remove seven and a half stripes winding and saving the yarn so I can do them again after I’ve added the new section.  I *think* I’ve ordered a good selection of colours so that it will look varied enough, we shall see, it’s hard to tell sometimes with online pictures.

Still, I’m thinking of more blankets.  I’ve already picked the pattern for my *next* sock yarn blanket (well, I’m always making socks so there will always be leftover yarn even if it takes a few years to accumulate) and I have added quite a few crochet blankets to my Ravelry queue.  I like the repetitive motion of crocheting a blanket, I put on my MP3 player and chill out, let my mind wander, it’s relaxing.  I like stripes, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed if you’ve been reading for any amount of time.  I also like the way the blankets look in my house, although I will be displaying only one at a time in a room to avoid it looking like some giant crochet monster threw up all over the place or causing a migraine from over exposure to colour.

I don’t think I need an intervention yet, when I’ve got 4 blankets on the go at the same time (damn, that means only 1 more than I have now, Babette is stuffed in a bag beside my chair) then maybe I will admit to having a serious problem.  But for now I’m turning on the tunes and working those stripes.

Have a great weekend!


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