Small and Quick(ish)

I wanted another small and fast project so I cast on for a scarf at the end of February.  I used the Drop Stitch Scarf free pattern and some Wendy Pure 100% bamboo yarn I bought from Kemps a little while ago specifically for the pattern.  I got 4 balls of the Berry Crush colourway as I adore the colours of it and love bamboo yarn but I don’t tend to wear purple garments and I don’t like the way ribbon yarn looks knit into a sweater/cardigan.  However, for this project it was perfect.

I used all 4 balls and didn’t bother with blocking it as the weight of the yarn pulls it nicely.  The pattern was really simple, which is actually why it took me so long to make, I got bored doing it over and over again!

Apparently on the 20th of February I was in a purple mood as I cast on for the scarf and my March socks using that colour yarn.  These are the Snowdrop Socks (free pattern) using Wendy Happy in Capricorn, another bamboo yarn.










I bought a load of this yarn from Ravelry users who were destashing it and this was the first time I’d actually used any of it.  It was really nice to knit with, if a little bit slippy and made a really soft even pair of socks.  The colour matching was pretty lucky, I guessed where I had started the first sock when I started the second (there is a tiny bit of green on each toe) and it worked out brilliantly.  I just reached the end of the pink section when casting off the last few stitches of the second sock but as it’s at the back it’s not noticeable.

Again, the reason these took so long to make (I finished them yesterday) was because the pattern was so simple and repetitive.  I had picked a simple pattern on purpose and then got bored with it!  I’ve picked a more difficult pattern for my April socks, we’ll see if that keeps me interested or not.

I worked a bit on the apron I’m trying to finish sewing and then today threw it aside yet again (it really only needs about half an hour to forty-five minutes work, I just need to get on with it!) and refashioned a t-shirt.










A while ago I discovered someone selling off a ton of Ani DiFranco t-shirts on Ebay so I bought them.  They were all labelled XL or XXL and having just bought a t-shirt from Righteous Babe that was an XL and too tight (they have switched to American Apparel t-shirts which have the worst sizing in the world) I figured these would either be a bit too small and that the XXL ones might fit me.  When they arrived though I found that when they said XL they really meant XL, these t-shirts are huge!  I’ve been wearing the hooded sweatshirt I bought sort of like a dressing gown with the sleeves rolled up but the t-shirts have been waiting for some love in the pile of projects to get to and today I did the first one.

I pulled out Onion 5003 which I’ve had for ages and never used before.  It doesn’t have translated instructions but I figured out the seam and hem allowances I needed to leave from another Onion pattern and as it’s a plain set in sleeve t-shirt like I’ve made hundreds of times before I just got on with it.  About an hour and a half later (including tracing the pattern) I had a new t-shirt.











I like the way the RBR logo is like a tattoo on the shoulder rather than centred.  The reason it isn’t centred is because I swapped the front and back as I wanted the Dilate lyrics on the front.  As you can see from the dressform, which is now set to around my size, bar the waist which doesn’t go as big as my waist, this came out pretty tight.  The t-shirt doesn’t have much stretch to it but it’s a lovely fit lengthwise and where the curves are so I will be using it again with stretchier fabric for sure.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  I am making progress on my other knitting and crochet projects, the sock yarn blanket is coming along particularly well and I’m excited to see if I can finish it with the yarn I have to hand.  The yarn arrived for the other crochet blanket, twice.  Apparently they didn’t notice they were packing the same order twice and two packages arrived at the same time.  I rang to let them know and they decided that as it would cost a lot to have it sent back it was cheaper for them to cut their losses and let me keep it.  No idea what I’ll do with 10 balls of acrylic yarn yet but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!


One thought on “Small and Quick(ish)

  1. I love the scarf and the socks are adorable! What a great idea about the t-shirts – I’ve often wondered about re-sizing a thrifted tee…

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