Green, Red and Blue

I’m still enjoying finishing up knitting projects more quickly than I have done in the past.  I have had the temptation recently to cast on for lots of new things but have managed to not give into it as I know I will just end up frustrated and unsatisfied.  Also, after knitting a few rows on something new I will just abandon it for ages anyway, just like I did with this project even though it was only one of two big projects I had on the needles at that time!

This is the Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan which used up some Knitpicks Shine Worsted I have had in my stash for quite a few years now.  The yarn was intended for a shrug, and indeed twice I cast on for the shrug and just didn’t make any progress on it.  I finally realised that I don’t actually like shrugs and would never wear one which was probably why I was having a hard time making one and hunted down another project to use up these eight balls of yarn.

This was a really easy knit on 5.5mm needles so pretty fast when I actually worked on it.  I just find the whole yoke top down thing a bit dull to knit, but once I had taken the sleeves off I finished the bottom in a couple of weeks.  Mine is longer than the pattern calls for on purpose (and also because I wanted to use all the yarn).  The pattern is designed for it to hit the top of your waistband which isn’t a flattering look for me and I wanted something longer and drapier.  I knit in the pattern until I got to the last ball of yarn and then did the final rows leaving probably less than 20 yards of yarn which always makes me happy.

The buttonholes are the only thing I don’t like about the cardigan, they are really floppy and loose but I was too far along for ripping back (I have a very low tolerance for ripping back) so I will ive with them.  The buttons are hard to photograph but they are glittery, can’t beat a good glittery button!

I have never used this yarn before and I don’t think I will use it again except for the sport weight version I have in my stash.  It is very soft and very shiny (just like it says on the tin) but it is also incredibly drapey and not always in a good way.  Also, it is the fluffiest yarn I have ever worked with, it sheds and sheds and sheds all over everything.  My living room is still covered in green fluff and I’m sure it will cover anything I wear with it too.  I’m hoping that after a few washes (by hand, I don’t think this yarn would fare well in the machine and I worry that it would turn everything else green and fluffy) that the fluff may tone down a bit, we will see.  This cardigan fits me well so it will go into rotation as soon as my fear of fluff subsides.

Now onto a sewing UFO.  As I’ve said I’m not much for having sewing UFOs.  I do cut out things and not start them but I don’t consider them to be UFOs until I actually start sewing them.  I am now down to 1 UFO which will get done eventually, it requires some picking out of stitches and fiddling about to correct a mistake I made (and also it’s not going to fit me so I’m not motivated to work on it).  I started this at Christmas when I made the other aprons.  I was going to give my sister 3 aprons (I overcompensate for hand-made presents…) but after I had finished 2 of them I decided that was really enough, plus I was having ribbon issues with this one so I threw it aside.

After a change of ribbons to reflect my personality better (I was using flowers for her but for me penguins are perfect!) I managed to get this done quite quickly.  The pattern is Butterick 6567 and it was really easy to sew, but again with the extreme gathering, what is it with me and sewing gathers all the time?  I almost had an issue on my hands when I went to sew on the ties and luckily noticed that I had never hemmed the sides of it, it would have been a real pain to do that after they were attached.  Besides that once I’d figured out that a twin needle was the way to go with the ribbon it wasn’t a hard project at all.

It has absolutely huge pockets on it for some unknown reason, with buttons to make them just about useless, but there you go, it’s the style of the pattern I guess!  I’m not actually sure if I will use it very much as I am not all that tall and my waist actually hits at counter level meaning that if I’m going to get messy whilst cooking it is always above the waist that it occurs.  However, I am happy to have a penguin apron available should I need it and it’s nice and flouncey too which I have discovered I like in an apron.

At the moment I have 2 sick children and I’ve been fighting whatever delightful virus Piggle brought home from Nursery over a month ago now too.  Piggle is really quite ill with it at the moment and Jim is getting over it but still suffering from the odd symptom here and there.  Today is actually the first time in ages I have felt awake and quite alert rather than totally wiped out which is nice.  I also had a real urge to do some sewing and luckily I had another t-shirt refashion cut out and ready to go so I popped upstairs and got it done in under an hour.

It’s another Ani DiFranco t-shirt (all the ones I have to refashion are) and in case you can’t read it the lyrics on it say ‘Smile pretty and watch your back’.  The back has the Righteous Babe logo on it, larger this time than the other one.

The pattern is Onion 5022 which I love as it’s so simple and fits well.  I did add a few inches to the length of it as it came out a few years back when t-shirts were shorter but beyond that it doesn’t need changing.  I made all kinds of rookie mistakes with this, sewed a wrong side to a right side, started to sew both sides of the back to each other instead of a side seam, didn’t change the needle adjustment after doing the FOE before doing the side seams and I had to totally rip off and re-do the FOE around the neckline as I hadn’t stretched it at all the first time around.  Saying that it was still a nice sewing experience and still went quickly!  I have another t-shirt that I’m going to use this pattern with and then 2 more to do that I will try to find other patterns for so as not to repeat myself over and over again!

So that’s my creative stuff from the last few weeks.  I was hoping to get some sewing done this weekend but if Piggle doesn’t recover dramatically overnight the boys won’t be going to their Dad’s.  They’ve not been now for 6 weeks as last time they were supposed to go we were all sick as well.  I could do with a break but I don’t want to send off an ill child as I’d just worry about him the whole time, I’d rather have him here where I can keep an eye on him.  Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Easter Holidays as well so I don’t know how much sewing will get done in the 2 weeks that the boys are off school.  Hopefully a lot of knitting will be accomplished though and saying that I’m off to finish off the back of one of my current projects!


One thought on “Green, Red and Blue

  1. All lovely – I love the cardi in the bright green – so spring-y – and I do love that apron too…I hope your little ones feel better soon…

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