The variance between US and UK terms can be kind of funny. Take the word ‘pants’, to my US readers you’ll be thinking trousers of some sort, my UK readers will know that I’m talking about underwear (on a side note I abhor the word ‘panties’, something about it makes me cringe every time I read or hear it, ick…).  They’re also known as knickers over here, which I believe is the US term for knee-length trousers (if memory serves, which it often doesn’t).

Anyway, for some reason today I got a bee in my bonnet about making some underwear.  I had leftover knit from the t-shirt I finished not long ago, I have more than enough FOE to make myself underwear for years to come and I had this tutorial from So, Zo… to guide me.

What the tutorial doesn’t have is an actual pattern.  Zoe mentions that she will upload it to Burdastyle but I couldn’t find it on there and this tutorial is from a while ago now so maybe it was there and is now gone or something.  I traced a pair of knickers from Marks and Spencers which are particularly comfortable and fit me well.  I didn’t realise until I studied the tutorial well that there is a gusset piece cut as part of the front piece as well as a separate gusset to give 2 layers (my printer is almost out of coloured ink so the pictures didn’t come out clearly!).  My first pair therefore have 2 layers cut separately from the front and the back but I corrected it after that and now have the right pattern pieces.

My tracing is notoriously sloppy.  I tend to even things out when I overlock my edges and not worry all that much about wobbly lines.  Sacrilege to a lot of sewers I know, but it’s just the way I roll.  Due to not wanting to take the knickers I was tracing apart I didn’t quite get both sides even.  To get a pattern piece that I liked the shape of I folded the tracing in half (I use Swedish tracing fabric) and compared them, picked the half I liked the shape of better and then cut the pattern piece in half to use it on a fold rather than flat, I did the same with the front piece making sure that the side I picked had the same length seam on the side as the back piece.  My pattern isn’t perfect yet, I need to adjust the width of the gusset pieces where they attach to the back as they’re not quite wide enough, but besides that I’m really happy with the way it came out.

So, in a few different short sewing periods today I made myself these:

The first pair are to the left and you can see that I stretched the FOE a little too much when sewing it on which is why they’re more gathered than the other pairs.

These are the appliques that I added from a huge basketful that I have collected over the years and never seem to use!

I’d never used iron on gems before but they worked quite easily and well which is good as I seem to have about 10 sets of them (I really have no idea where they came from, I don’t remember buying them so I must have been given them at some point). The bottom pair with the hearts have ruffled FOE on them which I really like.

Overall I’m really happy with the way that these came out.  Three pairs of knickers for free using stuff that I had on hand and an offcut of fabric too small to really do anything else with.  I’m looking forward to making more pairs as and when I have leftover fabric.  I have had to restrain myself from going through the stash and cutting a pair out of all the prints that I have, if I suddenly start sewing a ton of t-shirts one after another you know why!


3 thoughts on “Pants!

  1. Underwear posts are always slightly humorous to me for some reason…When I was little my Mom called them ‘panties’ – so I’m slightly nostalgic about the word although I never use it myself – I guess I just say underwear…or undies for short…which is also funny…I also like the word knickers and my SIL used to say ‘Don’t get your knickers in a twist’…and even funnier a friend who used to say ‘Don’t get your panties in a wad’ – which makes me giggle even as I type it…Your knickers are fabulous of course…and you can’t beat free knickers…

  2. Hi there! Just to let you know in case you haven’t seen it, I’ve since made my pants/knickers pattern available on my blog for free download. All the best and happy undies-making x

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