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I was reading The Slapdash Sewist a day or so ago and she linked to a post she’d done showing the projects she was planning to make.  As I’m feeling all sewy at the moment and want to get on with what I have stacked up in my sewing room I thought I would lay out my planned projects for you to see, hopefully it will be of interest to someone besides me!

Ever since I started really getting into sewing I have tended to pull out patterns that I feel like making and then shop the stash for fabrics that might work with them.  I then make a list and a big pile of everything and work my way through it.  Every so often I will go through and put away things that have lost their shine or that I’ve realised the fabric won’t work for and pull out new things but the system tends to work for me so I will stick with it.

This is what is in the pile of things to make at the moment.

Simplicity 3850 jeans using striped denim I bought years ago from Abakhan (anything from Abakhan is 3 years plus old as that’s how long ago I moved!).  I’m not sure what the sizing of this pattern is like so I will have to do some measuring to see which size I want to make.  I should probably not use denim that I really love the first time I make a pattern but at the end of the day it’s only fabric and it’s been there for years so what the hell. Going to do these in a fabric I’m not so fond of in case the fit is wrong etc…

Simplicity 3692, long sleeve t-shirt.  I bought this knit at Fabricland in Brighton last summer knowing I wanted to try this pattern with it.  I am contemplating running the stripes on the yoke vertically and the rest of the t-shirt horizontally but I need to check whether the yoke requires any ease as the fabric isn’t all that stretchy. Finished 17/6

Simplicity 7181 vintage shirt.  I got this red cotton from Fabricland in Brighton 2 summers ago.  I tend to make a lot of blouses with patterned fabric and only have plain t-shirts so I thought it would make a nice change to have a plain shirt in my wardrobe. Cut out 29/5  Finished 10/6

McCalls 5891 zipped jacket.  I cut this out years ago, literally, and have just never gotten around to making it.  I made a black sherpa hooded jacket about five years ago, if not longer, and wore it and wore it until the zip broke on it recently so it will be nice to have a new one (I tend to wear them around the house and like a dressing gown over pajamas) when I finally get around to it.  The pattern is a perfect fit one but I will admit that I ignored all the advice about fitting and just cut the pattern on the standard size lines, it’s a loose stretch jacket for goodness sake, if I’m going to fit anything it’s not going to be that!

McCalls 5468, short-sleeved version, not sure which one.  I keep pulling this out and putting it away.  I’m not completely sold on the match of the fabric to the pattern and I love the fabric (from Abakhan) and don’t want to ‘waste’ it.  We’ll see if this actually does get made or whether I find something else for the fabric. Decided against making this, fabric back in stash.

Summer pajamas for Jim.  The black will be just bottoms with a shop bought t-shirt and the dinosaur ones will be the more traditional shirt and trousers style (Have found a vintage pj pattern in Jim’s size to use). The black is left over from the chef’s whites I made my Brother In Law and the dinosaur fabric is from Fabricland last summer. Black trousers done 9/4 and t-shirt done.

Trousers or shorts for Piggle, I’ve not decided on a pattern yet but I’m wavering more towards shorts as he has just grown into the final lot of Jim’s trousers I made at that age and I have other trousers planned.  Fabric is PRR cotton (not twill, the softer cotton) which I dyed last year. Found pattern for these. Cut out 5/6, finished 11/6

Summer pajamas for Piggle.  The pirate ones will be with a store-bought t-shirt and the rest will be shirt and trousers.  He has grown out of the T3 size I made last year whereas Jim can still wear a few pairs of his from last summer, thus the difference in how many pairs they’re each getting.  All these fabrics have been child approved!  Pirate fabric left over from sewing for Brother In Law, dog fabric from Abakhan, Clifford The Big Red Dog bones from a Co-op probably 5 or 6 years ago and duck fabric is the PRR cotton like the cars fabric that I dyed ‘Sea Green’.  Pirate trousers done 9/4/11 just need to buy t-shirt and put applique on it.  Dog bone Pajamas finished 13/4. Duck pajamas finished 23/4 and orange dog set cut out. Dog pair finished 29/5.

Onion 5041I had this out to make with a different fabric and then when rooting around in the stash I rediscovered this piece of fabric and thought it would make a fun shirt.  I won’t put any ties on it.  Hopefully there is enough fabric, I won’t know until I’ve traced the pattern.  This could well be tried soon as I have ironed the fabric which tends to mean I want to try something!  I can’t remember if I got this fabric from Abakhan or a Co-op, I’m thinking as it’s even yardage it was probably a Co-op but I have no recollection of where or when. Not enough fabric for this pattern.  Have found a new pattern for the mushroom fabric and new fabric for this pattern! Finished the shirt 11/4.  Changed patterns yet again for the fabric and finished a shirt with it 22/5.

Another Ani DiFranco t-shirt refashion, using Onion 5022 again.  I have 2 more Ani t-shirts but haven’t decided on patterns to use with them yet so they will sit and stew for a while longer, but this should be quick and dirty and probably done soon.  T-shirt came from Ebay last year. Completed 9/4/11

I really don’t need any more pajamas but I love this pattern and have had this fabric (from Abakhan) for a while so I will give these a go.  The waistband of the trousers is really high and they’re pretty tailored so it will be interesting to sew them, more so than modern patterns!

My only clothing UFO.  I messed up the facings and didn’t realise until I’d trimmed one.  As I said this won’t fit me either so I’m not in a rush to finish it off but I will get there one day.  Fabric is from Boyes last year.  This ended up as a wadder, had lots of problems with the bodice.

Jogging bottoms (sweatpants) for Piggle.  Haven’t decided on a pattern yet but I need to use this sooner rather than later or I won’t have enough fabric for him! Found a vintage pattern that should work for these.  Finished 21/4

If you recall a few years back I made quite a few of these bags using the pattern I got from The Knitting and Stitching Show (in 2008).  What I didn’t do was actually make the bag from the fabric that came with the pattern…  I’m using PUL to line it so it can be used as a sponge bag as I could use a new one. Finished 24/4

This is my quilt.  The top has been sewn together, the fabric at the top is the backing fabric (all fabrics from Ebay for the front and the back is from Etsy).  I ‘just’ need to trim the ends of the top, buy some batting and put it all together.  Having never made a quilt before it’s a bit daunting though and I don’t have much space to lay it out so it’s been sitting around for a while now.

Shorts for Jim to replace the pair I made him when he was 3 that he’s finally grown out of.  He actually cried when I told him he couldn’t wear them again this year!  I won’t be putting the side pockets on unless he specifically requests them and I will be dyeing the fabric denim blue as per his request.  I may also dye some t-shirt fabric to make him a plain top to go with these, will see.  Fabric is PRR ripstop cotton, Jim chose the fabric pattern he wanted and was very happy that the pattern I used for the old pair goes up big enough for him to have exactly the same style again. Fabric dyed and also dyed some for a plaint t-shirt to go with the shorts 23/4.

When I was pulling out the planned projects I found this piece of fabric underneath them that I got from someone I know online who was clearing out their fabric.  This will be another pair of summer pajama trousers for Jim with a white shop bought t-shirt. Finished 9/4/11

Short sleeve summer t-shirts for Piggle.  He’s outgrown the ones from last year and I need to use up these remnants of fabric before he needs a size too big for them.  These are fast to sew and the grey ones can be done at the same time with the same thread.  Blue I dyed last year, planets and sports balls are from a co-op years and years ago and the grey robots I dyed last year, it’s PRR knit. 2 finished 24/4, other 2 finished 14/5Owl outfit for Piggle using Onion 20035.  I dyed this fabric about 2 years or more ago meaning to make him some dungarees from it but by the time I got around to it there wasn’t enough fabric for that anymore.  The fabric is PRR cord and there is some knit there too so I’m thinking maybe I’ll do the t-shirt with the 2 part sleeves for him.  White knit I dyed to match came from a co-op many moons ago. Figured out right size and traced pattern 29/5.  Not enough fabric for 2 part sleeves. Finished 30/5

Ottobre Woman tunic for me.  This knit is very thin so it will have to be worn over something.  Not sure if this will require french seams or not, will see when I cut it out.  Fabric from Abakhan. Traced pattern 28/5. Finished 11/6

Another Ottobre Woman tunic.  This one definitely will need french seams and I’ve never done them before so I will need to get up the nerve first.  Fabric from Abakhan.

Something else that has been sitting about for years waiting to be done.  I bought the pattern online (Etsy maybe) and the fabric from Ebay and then have just never made it.  I was thinking yesterday about looking for a new purse as mine is looking old and worn so maybe I should just finally make the damn thing and save myself some money! Finished 3/6

Vintage shirt using cotton print I got from Fabricland in Brighton last summer.  May add some length to the shirt as I think it’s a little short for my tastes but I love the neckline. Not enough fabric for the pattern, tried another pattern and same thing so fabric returned to stash for future use.

Adding another vintage shirt made from brown floral fabric.

Adding another shirt because fabric/pattern got in my brain and I had to make it! Finished 23/4

And there you have it!  Some of it is time sensitive, obviously it would be nice to have the summer stuff for the boys done before the end of the summer!  There’s plenty of variety there as well I think, some easy stuff, some harder stuff that will expand my skills and probably test my temper.

I’ll update this list as I finish stuff and when I have my next put away / getting out of patterns and fabric.  I’ll also make a note if I add anything to the stacks to be made.


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