Zooming Along

Making that list really kicked me into gear it would seem.  I’ve been doing some sewing every day and am really enjoying it again and loving making so much progress with things!

I started off with the 3 pairs of pajama bottoms that will go with store-bought t-shirts.  I will show you those once I actually have the t-shirts and have put the appliques on them, but I’m happy with the way that they turned out.

Next I moved onto another t-shirt refashion using Onion 5022 again.  I moved the print to the front of my t-shirt and the logo to the back and it turned out as so.

I added a few inches to the length like the last version of this pattern that I made and I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  It’s a lot brighter than the t-shirts I would normally make but the lyrics are some of my favourite Ani DiFranco ones so I can deal with the brightness!

Next up was another Onion pattern, 5041.  On my planning list I had wanted to make this using some mushroom fabric but it turned out that I didn’t have enough so I dug through the stash and found another piece of fabric for it (from Abakhan).

I knew that this tunic would be baggy but I didn’t realise quite how huge it would come out.  I went down a size after measuring the pattern for ease but I could have easily gone down another one or two sizes and still had it fit me.  Should I make this again I will think twice about interfacing the yoke as well as I think it makes it a bit stiff, even with light interfacing.

This is a close up of the cuff and the fabric design, I think it’s a really pretty fabric, sort of a linen feel but quite light and airy.

This shirt will be really nice for hot days when I need to be outside as it will let the air through but also keep me covered without overheating.

I found another pattern for the mushroom fabric, a vintage one, so it will get used up soon!

Finally, for now at least, I made another pair of pyjamas.

These are from the much used Kwik Sew 3126, that pattern was such a great investment as I’ve used it and used it for both boys.  I’m now on the final size for Piggle but I should think that I will get to use it for his Winter pajamas this year too before it gets retired until I need to make small pajamas for someone else’s children!

This fabric is from my Co-op days many years back.  It’s a contrast fabric for some Clifford the Big Red Dog fabric that I used for pajamas for the boys a few years back now.  Piggle really loves it and was actually standing there waiting for me to take the picture so he could whip his new pajamas away to put on his bed ready to wear tonight, nothing like appreciation of your work!

My knitting has been taking a bit of a back seat with all this sewing but I am still making progress on things.  I need to get a move on with my April socks so I can get them both done this month.  I’m on the foot of the first one with a few inches to go before the toe so I’m not off schedule yet, just need to make sure that I keep going!  The Sock Yarn Blanket is coming along well too, I am almost at the end of the yarn I had and am hoping that it will be long enough once I get through it all.  I have decided on the yarn for the border, some bright pink yarn that I have had in the stash for years but have never felt would hold up to being socks so I need to decide on a border pattern so I can get on with it.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the other banket once this one is done, it’s been put on hold sitting there sadly while my obsession with the Sock Yarn Blanket has run its course!

Next up for sewing will be the jogging bottoms for Piggle.  I found a vintage pattern in his size and am looking forward to making them as I’m going to add some trim to them which should make them a little more interesting, although it will make them take longer than a plain pair would!

See you soon!


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