Wrapping Up April

April was by far the best sewing month I’ve had in a very long time.  It is reflected in my knitting though as I didn’t get through anywhere near as much as I’d hoped or usually do.  Apparently when I’m sewing I can’t also be knitting which is a little annoying.  One day I will learn to multi-task to the level where I can sew, knit, read, cook and use the computer all at the same time.

Being ill for a week also meant that I had to really push on with my April socks to get them done in the month.  You know I’m really ill when I can’t even knit!  Anyway, these are the April socks, using the pattern Java which is from Knitty.

I used Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo Cotton in the colourway Starbucks.  Being a little strange I really wanted to make a coffee pattern with the coffee yarn and when Java came along I finally had a match!  I used 2.5mm needles and the smaller size of the pattern as the yarn doesn’t have much stretch and it worked out just fine.  The stitch pattern is a really easy 4 row repeat, you just have to pay attention during the gusset and the toes and the rest is plain sailing.  I knit the second sock in less than a week.

The final sewing from the month is all small items, but nice to have them ticked off the list!  I *finally* made the Japanese Origami Bag using the kit I bought over 3 years ago.  It took about 45 minutes so it was incredibly silly to have put it off for so long!

The pattern says to sew both sides of the lining to the zip by hand but I sewed one by machine and the other by hand as I don’t like hand sewing.  I also didn’t cover the inside seam where the origami fold is with bias binding or ribbon but just overlocked it instead, the seams are tucked into the ends so it won’t stand out as an eyesore.  I used a layer of PUL rather than batting inside this bag to make it waterproof so I can use it to carry shampoo etc when I go away, the UK term is sponge bag but I can’t for the life of me think of the US term at the moment!

More pajamas for Piggle, just the 1 pair left to go now and I have cut those out so they should be done soon.

I adore a good pair of duck pajamas, I know they’re cliché but they’re cliché for a reason, so damn cute!  This is the usual Kwik Sew 3126 pattern in T4 again.  They’re a little bit big for him but that just means they’ll last a few months longer!

Last up were some quick and easy Kwik Sew Sewing for Children t-shirts for Piggle.  I discovered I had enough fabric to do long sleeves on these two so I did, the English ‘summer’ is just as liable to require long sleeves as short.

I have now finally reached the end of both these fabrics, I seem to have made a ton from the sports balls fabric in particular having just retired a pair of pajamas that Jim literally wore to shreds (the seams are gone in about 5 places, the neckband is shredded from his horrible habit of chewing his clothes and the fabric has actually worn thin in places, definitely well loved!) and there have been t-shirts for both of them from it several times over, can’t ask for more than that from a few yards of fabric!

So, I’m getting on well with the list, at least the easy things on it!  I really need to focus on the shirts etc that are on there and alternate them with the easier stuff or I’m going to end up facing more difficult projects one after another!  I have pulled out some fabric and patterns for other projects that I’d like to make but I’m trying to forget about them for a little while and try to keep focussed on the list.

Knitting/crochet wise I have done as much as I can on the sock yarn blanket, I’m actually adding the leftover yarn from the April socks to it at the moment!  It’s going to take a few more pairs of socks to get enough leftover yarn to finish it so it’s hibernating for now.  I have 2 short sleeve cardigans that I’m hoping to finish up this month along with the May socks that I’ve already cast on for, I’ll see if I can balance the sewing and the knitting a little bit more or if one calls louder than the other!


5 thoughts on “Wrapping Up April

  1. Susan Hardy says:

    Hi Anna, I am a friend from ravelry (bachan) and twitter (patchwork1) and was just wondering about where you get your patterns from for the clothing. I looked in local Hobbycraft and the cheapest was £6. Have you any suggestions for on line companies that are cheaper.

  2. I love those socks, and I totally understand wanting to match the yarn and pattern with a theme, I’d do that too!

  3. DJ says:

    Wow – just found your blog and love it! Am trying to knit more and am a completely clueless sewer so hopefully can inspire myself by looking at your beautifully turned-out goodies! Lovelovelove the jammies!

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