Blame it on Tim Roth…

Last month I sewed a pretty damn good 14 1/4 yards/metres of fabric.  So far this month?  1 1/2…

It’s all Tim Roth’s fault.  Being oblivious, as I usually am, to what is on tv or going on in the world I had no idea that Mr Roth was in a TV show (Lie To Me), a TV show that had aired for 3 seasons.  I’ve spent the last 2 weeks watching every single episode and finished just in time for them to announce that it’s been cancelled, which is really bloody annoying as it was great…

What I do have to show for all that time sitting on my ass laughing and enjoying viewing dear Tim is this:

When I started watching the show I was almost at the end of the yoke.  The yoke was a killer as you knit the collar, cast off and then pick up stitches along the edge and after that you do all the increases in 2 rows meaning that every single row of the yoke has all the sleeve stitches on it as well (all on 3.25mm needles).

The pattern is Tamzin and it’s a really well written and easy to follow pattern.  I used 10 balls of Patons Serenity DK which is a bamboo cotton mix and is absolutely lovely to work with and ever so soft.  I really wish I’d cast on for this sooner while Kemps still had the yarn in stock because it’s been discontinued.  I paid 69p a ball for it which makes this an incredibly cheap cardigan.  I picked black on purpose as I make so many brightly coloured shirts that I need something plain and not so hard on the eyes to calm things down a little.  If this washes well it’s going to get a ton of wear!

It was hard to get a good picture of the buttons but they’re equal parts plain and sparkly.  I would usually have put something bright on this but remembering that I want to be able wear it with as much as I can I stuck to black.  I actually had to buy buttons as I didn’t have anything suitable in my button box!

The pattern on the bottom is easy to remember and done on the purl row which makes a nice change. The only change I made to the pattern was to add 3″ to the sleeves before starting the garter stitch edging as I wanted them to stop just below the elbow rather than above it.

So, all in all I’m really happy with this cardigan and I’m looking forward to wearing it!

In other knitting news I finished the first of my May socks today, I was falling behind on them as I’d spent so much time tied to the cardigan but I feel better now that one is off the needles and I will cast on for the other one tomorrow.  The Flutter Sleeve Cardigan has one front left to go so hopefully I will get that done this month too.  I’ve started working on the Granny Stripe Blanket again this week and have done about 5 stripes.  I cast on for Bloom (you can see all of these by clicking the link at the top left for my Ravelry page) naughtily a few weeks back (I’m trying to only have 2 sweaters/cardigans on the go at a time) and I’m a few inches into it, it’s knit side to side so a few inches is actually quite a bit of knitting and a load of short rows for the sleeve!  I’m feeling a little itchy about how long Link has been on the needles with no progress so I’m going to try to pick it up for a bit each day and see if I can get motivated with it.  I knew it would be a long-term project but it’s feeling a little too long!

To get back into the sewing groove again I started with the last 2 summer t-shirts for Piggle.

Simple Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers again using up leftover scraps of fabric.  The robot one was a really tight squeeze to get out of the fabric I had but I managed it.  I was a bit surprised by the yellow neckband on the blue t-shirt when I came to sew it (I cut these out about 3 weeks ago).  Looking through the stuff I have yet to make for Piggle though I saw that the fabric for the shorts I’m going to make him is blue with some yellow cars so that was obviously the thinking behind that!

I moved onto a 70’s shirt after these and sewed the yoke on about three times before ripping it all apart and throwing it to one side.  I will try again but I just didn’t have it in me to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong and the instructions were worse that useless (of the ‘put right sides together and sew’ variety when more detail is really necessary).  It felt good to be up there again checking things off the list though so hopefully I will get going again, perhaps not as obsessively as I did last month, but slow and steady. I still want to get through all the things on that list!


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